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The Virtues of Going Virtual

The virtual office service continues to grow worldwide.

According to the latest survey by Staples, 56% of entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses are using virtual office technology, spending less time in shifts or working from their conventional desktop.

Technological development today manages communication platforms where entrepreneurs from virtually anywhere in the world are connected to their staff and retain a core that keeps in touch with customers and suppliers at any time without losing a single contact. A virtual office can help business with key areas of their operation, which can include mail forwarding addresses to professional telephone answering services.

Thanks to the technological potential of intelligent mobile phone users, live virtual office services can literally connect to their customers and suppliers. They can also easily link them to provide these devices which allow them to have permanent access to the network. Through a professional virtual office service, it also provides them with fully adequate physical spaces to attend their meetings and appointments as if it were their own office depending on their needs.

Stay Connected

Through virtual office services, people not only have the ability to better manage their professional time, but additionally may also devote more time to their family. According to a Staples survey, 52% of employers feel calmer taking a holiday, because they know they can stay connected to their business.

As for the impact on mobility, the amount of displacement of an employer from a physical office and their home is practically reduced by 95%. This allows users of this service to take the time spent commuting to instead conducting entrepreneurial activities during working hours and a better quality of life in their free time.

Cut the Carbon Footprint

By managing their professional services from home, virtual workers not only optimise their time, but further substantially reduce their carbon footprint, minimising their environmental impact as a result not only of displacement but by reducing the consumption of energy and water.

The power savings by incorporating a virtual office service is close to 90%, as employers eliminate all costs associated with the adaptation and equipment of a conventional office, which also has a positive impact on the environment in terms of reduction in the consumption of furniture and architectural finishes; much of the carbon footprint generated on the planet is directly related to the processes of construction and remodelling, according to figures from the World Resources Institute.

All these advantages make the virtual office of today, ideal for companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors with flexible work schemes, while having a positive impact on the environment and office productivity.

The ability to link electronically means virtual office workers have new possibilities in the way they carry out their work. This ability has even made it unnecessary for the office work to be performed in an office. Instead, it can be achieved at any place where the worker is located, provided that they can be networked and communicate electronically.

Among the advantages of the virtual office:

  • Lower installation cost. Companies do not have to have an office with as much space. This is because some workers are elsewhere, other than at the main office. This reduces the cost of rent and/or the expansion of a common office.
  • Lower cost of equipment. The companies, instead of providing office equipment to each employee, can share much of the equipment. This is similar to how LAN users share their resources with those who are doing their job ‘away’.
  • Prestigious Location for your business. Build client trust and brand reputation by showing a central London office address for your business.
  • Formal network of communication. Due to the need to stay informed and receive instructions, companies are giving more attention to having a communication network, thereby leading to the development of better communication among workers.
  • Fewer work stoppages. When storms, rain, flooding or other inconveniences hit, including diseases, preventing workers from moving to the workplace, the virtual office makes it feasible to continue with work activities, by both the individual and the company.
  • Social contribution. The virtual office allows companies to hire workers who otherwise would have no job opportunities, whether they are disabled, elderly or parents with young children. This also includes high-value employees geographically located away from the offices of the company.

But virtual offices also have some disadvantages that must be considered, among which are:

  • Sense of isolation. With no regular contact with other company employees, they lose the feeling of being part of a job
  • Fear of job loss
  • Decay in the mood
  • Family tension

All these disadvantages of the virtual office are related to motivational and psychological aspects, which is why companies should pay special attention to both the stage of selecting candidates to work as teleworkers ( workers in virtual offices ), and the activities of support, feedback, motivation and communication.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the virtual office offers the possibility to expand the scale of activities with a less than proportional increase in cost that growth usually entails. The virtual office provides benefits not only for companies in the field of services but also to manufacturing companies throughout, with regards to office work.

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