Having a professional PA can add thousand to your business


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Having a professional PA can add thousand to your business

Our complete Virtual Office London package is ideal for businesses who are wanting to get ahead and want to impress their clients and associates. Our virtual office package combines our highly sought after central London business mail forwarding address with a professional and experienced virtual PA telephone answering service. Our team is highly experienced, having been based in City Road since 1971, we understand how businesses operate and have helped many countless client expand and reach their goals.

   Impress your customers with a prestige address
   Choose a package that suits you
   Choose a 0207 or 0203 telephone number
   Have our P.A’s answer your calls in the name of your company
Your London Address: Your business or personal name, Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX


London Address & Forwarding

Unlimited Calls – Pro Answering

Free Meeting Room use

5 Page Business Website

Receive unlimited letters

Private and confidential

Worldwide post forwarding

Instant address activation

Customer Portal

View post received

2 Additional names free of charge

Stand-alone price £197.99
3 Months
3 Months
2 Hours
Stand-alone price £225.00
6 Months
6 Months
2 Hours
Stand-alone price £390.00
12 Months
12 Months
4 Hours
Stand-alone price £689.99
12 Months
12 Months
4 Hours

Choose a suitable package online and complete our simple online order form in under 5 minutes.


Once your registration is complete you will be able to start using our prestigious City Road address as your own instantly. 


We will professionally handle all of your important business calls the way you have instructed, ensuring an excellent service at all times from day one. 


with every 12 months package purchased

High Quality Modern Meeting Room Space in EC1 for hire with full rapid speed fibre optic Wi-Fi and cabled Internet solutions. Our meeting rooms form the complete Virtual Office Solution in the heart of London. All meeting rooms are fully air conditioned and have presentation whiteboards.

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Setting up and running a new business is not cheap. Many entrepreneurs, small businesses and partnerships cannot afford to invest a huge amount of money into hiring staff and premises right from the word go.  This is why a Virtual Office package such as ours is an ideal option for those people just starting out and trying to get their business off the ground. It is also an ideal solution for those business owners who don’t want to be tied down to paying out huge overheads every month and prefer the flexibility that a virtual office can offer.

Our Virtual Office package has been designed for businesses who are looking for both a mail handling and telephone answering service. Hiring our service can remove two of the most expensive overheads a business has to face – staff and premises. You get to have your telephone calls answered and your business mail sorted, but at the fraction of the price it would cost you to do this yourself.

Our full Virtual Office package will give you the prestige of using our central London address as your business trading address on all of your official paperwork and website. We will receive your incoming business post where you can choose to have it handled as you see fit:

Hold on to it for collection in person
Forward on to you by post to an address of your choosing
Open and scan your mail and email you the content

Your incoming business phone calls will be answered promptly and professionally between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Our highly skilled reception team will answer your calls using your company name and your chosen greeting and then handle your calls in the way that you want us to, for example by taking a message from the caller, the sending the details to you straight away allowing you to call them back at a time that suits you.

A great benefit of our call handling service is that your clients will feel pleased that their call was answered quickly in a professional manner. They will also feel confident that they have spoken to a colleague from your company and their query has been understood and is being taken care of.

This service is a great boost for your business because it shows that you are providing great customer service and you will not be losing out from missed business opportunities if you are not always able to answer calls in person yourself.

A Virtual Office service is great for those business owners who work from home. It gives the impression that your company is a much bigger concern and can help establish your business credibility amongst your peers by having offices within EC1. You can also add a large amount of gravitas to your business brand and image by having a central London business address and telephone number, even when your actual business may be located elsewhere in the UK.

There are lots of benefits to using our Virtual Office service, not least because it allows you to drastically reduce the costs of running your business because you will not be paying out for office space, full-time staff, utility bills, business rates and building insurance.  You can save money while still being able to maintain an image of professionalism around your business by having a full complement of administrative staff.  We have some great all-inclusive virtual office packages for you to choose from.

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Full features of our Complete Virtual Office Package

Take advantage of further savings by combining more options together – the more individual services you use, the great the overall saving! You can choose as many services as you need to fit your requirements, but remember that you can add to your package as your business expands and your need for extra services grow.

Our central London Virtual Office address is in the most prestigious real business area in London. You can choose to collect your post directly from our office in person free of charge, have it scanned and emailed to you, or forwarded via Royal Mail to an address of your choice on a regular basis.

Cheaper than Royal Mail forwarding services
Competitive Prices compared to other companies
Instant activation – no waiting for your service to be activated
Parcels accepted
Prestigious Central London business address
Private and confidential
Scanning of post option
Signed for post accepted
Unlimited mail accepted
Worldwide post forwarding

The wonderful thing about our call handling service is that you will only ever pay one flat rate – we do not charge our clients per phone call, so you will never be landed with an extra phone bill on top of your service package charge.

You can be rest-assured that all of your important business calls will be handled in a professional manner by our team of fully trained and highly experienced fluent English speaking PA’s that are based in London.

We understand that your incoming business calls are very valuable to your company and that you will want to create the right impression on new and prospective clients who may be calling you for the first time. Each of your calls are treated personally. We will answer your call promptly and

courteously using your preferred greeting.

Because we take the time to get to know you and understand your business, our professional call handling team will have all your important company information to hand. This means your calls will be answered without any issues of confusion. Your clients will be left feeling confident about your business because they will have had a very professional customer service experience – something that is vital for modern successful businesses.

The service we provide is tailored to your individual needs. This means that your PA will be able to answer your calls and take messages, swiftly pass on your message via email, or divert your incoming call to your chosen number, whatever best suits your particular situation.

As your business grows and changes over time, we are here to help! Our flexible service can be altered with immediate effect, even on a daily basis. We also provide you with a unique and prestigious sought after 0207 or 0203 London telephone number.

Here are some of the key benefits of our service:

0207 or 0203 number
24 hour voicemail
Call screening
Callers questions answered
Calls answered in your company name
London based PA’s
English-speaking call answering team
Messages taken and e-mailed straight away
Pin protected messages
Professional staff

Meet and greet your clients in our modern luxury high grade meeting rooms. With our complete virtual office packages you get either 2 or 4 hours free complimentary meeting room time to use within the contract period. Our meeting rooms have free fibre optic broadband and Wi-Fi, meeting rooms are subject to availability.

2–4 Hours free smart, fully-equipped, unbranded meeting room use
No setup fees
Real London address
Real office building
Reception for visiting clients

Because we like to deliver extra opportunities to all of our valued clients, we also offer our Platinum Virtual Office Package where we include a bespoke, expertly crafted 5 page business website. This is a high-quality professional website that will be specifically tailored around your business needs. We include PayPal buttons so you can take direct payment online and never miss an opportunity for a sale or an impulse buy. Being able to offer a quick and convenient payment option online through a trusted merchant will instil an extra layer of confidence in your customers and clients.

We offer the following great value features with the website:

5 images included
5 PayPal buttons
Free logo design
Free 6 months hosting
Free domain name included
Free e-mail
Free tech support
Google maps
Google verification
Hosting panels
Moving image gallery
Online Contact form
SEO included
Stylish and modern 5 page website
YouTube video


Answers to common questions asked by our clients

What are the charges for mail to be sent on to me?

All Registered Office and Directors Service statutory mail is sent free of charge. Business letters will be sent by first class post in plain packaging, we charge Royal mail prices x 2, you choose if you require your post to be sent daily, weekly or monthly, you will need to have a postage account set up and our post team will let you know when it is running low. Alternatively we offer scanning bundles from £0.40 per scanned letter.

Where are We Located?

We are located in Kemp House 152 – 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

What is the Cost of a Virtual Office?

Our virtual office packages are specifically designed to meet your needs. The cost varies as you only pay for the services you use. Please contact us for more information.

What Businesses Use Virtual Offices?

Virtual offices meet the needs of almost any business looking to minimize its overhead and business risk. It’s also a low risk alternative to establishing a satellite office in a new location.

Do you have Meeting Rooms Available for Rent?

Our private offices allow you to work alone or hold meetings for up to six people. Offices are equipped with phone, high speed internet and white boards our meeting rooms can accommodate between 4 and 6 people. The larger meeting room is equipped with a TV to connect to laptops, whiteboards and have video conferencing capability. High speed internet is included.

How is our Virtual Receptionist service different from a Call Centre?

Our goal when answering your phones is to make it seem like we are your receptionist, like we are an extension of your business. We want to know about your business, what it does and how it operates so that we can assist your callers and get them the results they expect – for example when a caller asks what does your business does do you really want your receptionist to say I’m sorry I’m just the receptionist let me transfer your call? During our orientation period we go through your procedures to ensure we understand these basic questions about your business and handle callers in the manner you expect. After all we are commonly the first point of contact between you and that potential new client.

Why Should I Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

Sometimes you are not able to answer your phone – you are in a meeting, working to meet a deadline or on vacation – and the caller doesn’t want to leave a voicemail. Missed calls can be a missed opportunity. Our receptionists will ensure you never miss another call.
What is the cost of a missed call? At some point hiring a receptionist becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity in order for a small business to maximize its productivity

What do I Get with Your Mail/Business Address Package?

Using our address as your official business address has several advantages. First it’s the address your customers find when they Google your business and see on your business cards. We will handle all your mail services including receipt of mail and courier packages as well as be a drop off location between you and your clients. More importantly it keeps your personal information confidential from your customers and suppliers as they no longer have access to your home location.

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

It projects professionalism. What do your prospective customers find when they Google your business? Your home address? A PO Box? Using a home address may be acceptable when you first start up however it may not work as well as your business grows and you pitch larger clients and bigger contracts. Having a prestigious downtown business address for your website and business cards will help give prospective customers the comfort they are looking for.

It saves you time. One advantage of using our business address is that you have your mail and courier packages sent to this address – there is no more waiting around for a FedEx package to arrive. We are at the office so you don’t have to be.

It lowers overhead costs and reduces business risk. The two largest expenses for small businesses are rent and personnel. Virtual offices can help significantly reduce both. A traditional office requires rental of space, the purchase of furniture& fixtures and setting up phones, internet service and building maintenance. It’s expensive and takes up significant time both upfront and on an ongoing basis. Furthermore upfront expenditures, long term lease commitments and hiring new personnel significantly increase the company’s business risk.

Why Should I Use a Virtual Office?

Virtual office services allow business owners to focus on growing sales and other important aspects of their business and at the same time have someone worry about the administrative matters. The virtual office is a low risk and cost effective way to establish a corporate presence and can eliminate the need to rent your own office space or to hire additional personnel.

What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office concept refers to providing office services specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s remote worker. A growing percentage of today’s workforce do not have a full-time office as they are frequently travelling, meeting clients or simply working from home. And they don’t want to pay for an office they don’t use? The virtual office concept was designed specifically for this group by providing services such as (i) providing a professional business address to help improve a company’s image; (ii) access to fully equipped offices and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis, (iii) customized phone reception service with phones answered in their company name and calls handled exactly the way they want.

Can I collect mail from your office?

We offer complete flexibility to our clients and allow you to collect your mail from our offices in person. Whether you choose to have your mail forwarded to a chosen address or collected from our offices is completely up to you.

How frequently is mail forwarded?

The frequency at which your mail is forwarded is up to you. The majority of our mail forwarding clients choose to have the mail forwarded weekly on a day of their choosing, however you can choose to have it forwarded daily, weekly, monthly or as and when it is most convenient for you. We provide a flexible postage service that is tailored to fit your needs.

Once I have purchased online how long does the mail forwarding take to setup?

Once you have purchased our London mail forwarding service online you can start using our address straight away. We will request your identification documents, upon receipt of your identification your mail we can start forwarding post onto you.

Can I use the mail forwarding address for personal use?

Our mail forwarding London service can be used by personal and business customers. If you are needing an address where you can have your mail sent to our mail forwarding service is ideal for you. Our service is cost effective and represents excellent value when compared to similar mail forwarding providers in London.

How can a mail forwarding service benefit me?

A mail forwarding service can benefit many different types of people and organisations. Our mail forwarding service has been designed to improve your businesses corporate image by using a prestigious address in London. Clients are given the impression your business is run from a real office building situated in a prestigious area in central London. This has many benefits for your company including building trust in your brand and service.

Can I use the mail forwarding address for my registered office address?

The standalone mail forwarding service does not come as part of the registered office address service. If you would like to add a registered office address service to the mail forwarding service you can do so by choosing this extra feature during the checkout process.