What is a Unique Tax Reference? (UTR)

A Unique Tax Reference is needed for identifying your companies details when you pay HMRC tax. The number is unique to your company and will be needed everytime you contact HMRC. It is reference that tells HMRC who your company is.

You will be required to provide your UTR when you file and submit company tax returns, pay corporation tax and file other information with HMRC.

How do I get my UTR?

When you first form a company with Companies House, the companies details will be passed to HMRC and they will get a notification of the new company and who has formed this, along with shareholders and directors details. After a few days you will get a notification from HMRC to your registered office address, the letter will contain vital and important information regarding your duties as a company owner. The letter will also provide you with a ten digit unique taxpay reference (UTR). You will need to keep this safe as it is very easy to misplace.

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