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Three tips for working in a home office

Three Tips for the Office at Home

If you run your business from your home office, you have to consider everything from decorations to furniture to the floorplan.

These tips will help you make the best use of what you have:

• Basic business needs

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a mansion, it is likely that the room reserved for office space at home is not as big as you want. Therefore, to not feel suffocated by furnishings, you should only fulfil the basic requirements.

These include having a desk the right size for the location and type of equipment (if you have a laptop, a smaller desktop will do) and a comfortable chair to work in for long periods.

• Suitable Decoration

While you do not want to fill the office space with unnecessary frills, you will not have to opt for a pure functional look when it comes to design. Add some photos or paintings on the walls, and make subtle use of colours that you like and that make you feel more energised. Having the odd flourish will add comfort to your surroundings and make the effect less clinical.

• Organisation is a priority

Even if you have worked hard to create a sense of space in your home office, you may be undermined very quickly after starting work there if you start drowning in clutter. The amounts of paper in particular can quickly start piling up, and if not properly organised and stored away in files, you will quickly start wasting lots of time and space. If you do not have enough room in your current filing cabinets, you can use any existing chest of drawers or cupboards as a place to store your business documents.

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