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The Top 10 Startups of 2016

The Top 10 Startups of 2016

There are many startups investors should be looking at in 2016. On both sides of the Atlantic there are a number of startups to watch. Investors should consider the following big players when they are thinking about where to put their money over the next twelve months.

Have you heard of any of these startups before?

Based in the UK, CityFALCON is a fintech startup that has received awards and acknowledgements from a host of different organizations. These include the Ministry of Ontario, UBS, and Standard Bank. The goal of this company is to democratise the process of gaining access to the latest financial news.

They’re seeking to disrupt the investment industry through helping people to avoid the high subscription fees. CityFALCON has made the same investment news free to retail investors. It hopes to offer their widgets and API to businesses as its main way of generating revenue.

Established in the Bay Area, Inverse is a media company that covers the latest news. The difference is it does it from a millennial male point of view. It has already formed partnerships with Crosslink Capital and Rothenberg Ventures in an attempt to ditch the reporting policies of current news outlets.

The Mobcrush organisation is a mobile live game streaming platform. It also provides a community where mobile gamers can get in touch with each other. It has already managed to raise $15 million in its attempts at gaining some traction. The hope is that it will be able to take full advantage of the live streaming revolution.

Product Hunt
There are many ways companies can lose a customer. The idea behind Product Hunt is to present a ranking of the best new products in each industry. Venture capitalists are already using this tool in order to find out more about the best new startups in specific niches.

It already has a lot of investors, including Greylock Partners and SV Angel.

Patreon is another company that has managed to raise huge amounts in funding. Patreon allows content creators to promote themselves and reach out to their fans. It’s geared towards YouTubers, authors, writers, photographers, and a variety of other artists.

There are already over 2,000 people with full profiles on this site. The whole idea is to help people keep up with the latest trends in social following. This is a specialist social media platform.

Whichit is a startup that provides a way for businesses to make their content more interactive. Customer engagement has always been a major topic of discussion and now this aggregation platform is making it easy. They provide content like visual polls to make things easier.

Onfido is a startup specialising in background checks. It works with some of the biggest companies in the UK to make it easier for people to verify the authenticity of the self-employed. For example, a company could easily verify that a cleaner on a jobs platform is genuine.

HeySuccess is another startup taking advantage of smart computing. They’re in the business of helping students and graduates find positions abroad. It’s also going to serve as a way for companies to find the best international talent to fill their positions.

It brings together thousands of international student platforms.

Zeek helps people to get rid of their unwanted gift cards. With an estimated 47% of UK citizens receiving more than one gift card every year a huge portion of this credit goes unused. Zeek provides a marketplace where people can get rid of their unwanted gift cards through cashing them in or exchanging them.

Kazooloo is a startup that takes advantage of the rise in virtual reality technology. Strictly speaking, this is about taking advantage of augmented reality, but it’s a major step forward in the world of entertainment. Young people can enjoy playing games with the Kazooloo system and experience something they’ve never come across before.

Conclusion – Startups to Watch
These startups to watch represent major disruptions for multiple industries. It’s an exciting time for investors who want to see the future of investing in these organizations themselves. Which of these startups do you think is going to hit it big in the next twelve months?

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