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The New Trend: Virtual Offices

Knowing a little more about virtual offices

A few years ago, if we would have said that a company could operate and succeed in the market without investing large amounts of money in infrastructure and equipment, possibly very few people would have believed and accepted the idea. But today, in an increasingly globalised world, this statement, grouped under the term virtual offices, imposes hard and is greeted by multiple organisations in various parts of the world.

Not having a physical place to work today is not an impediment to undertake, as forms of work have changed and with them the methods of doing business. It was almost unthinkable before starting a project without a place as a hub. It is now a reality due to virtual offices.

These places are not just physical work spaces with an excellent image; the entrepreneur also offers basic services are in an office, such as water, electricity, telephone, and Internet, as well as providing a tax direction and sometimes even a receptionist, which will be responsible for answering calls and receive correspondence addressed to the company. Benefits differ according to the package contract.

But what exactly is a virtual office?

In the “world office,” the need for efficiency in space, time, and cost lead to large and small companies to wondering what percentage of the work day that the office is unoccupied. As employees spend more time outside it, in meetings and attending to customers, can you get better results? If your answers to these questions lead you to reconsider the use of his office, then why spend so much on an underutilised space?

More and more employees achieve recognition based on their productivity and good results, not by the hours they spend in your office. Companies live an evolutionary process that leads to greater awareness of the changing market needs. This evolution allows the establishment of new vistas of work.

The concept of a virtual office that provides business centres best describes the model of mobile office. This redefines user productivity by providing dynamic and flexible spaces. It also it offers comprehensive support services and a platform for operational and administrative support in order to help clients develop their business plans and avoid high operating costs.

This term virtual office was born thanks to a style of working life influenced by a growing wave of independent economy. It is the ideal model for professionals looking to start or grow their business, offering practical solutions to national and multinational corporations requiring workspaces for employees and representatives, without the undesirable costs.

At present, employees set their individual needs and work according to their methodologies, thus operating efficiently to get the desired results. A virtual office makes available a new scheme of work and responds to the needs of a global market that is constantly changing.

Users of virtual offices are witnessing an evolving market that allows them to leverage a new concept of effectiveness and productivity.

When we talk about this term, we refer to a virtual space in which happens similar actions to those made in a physical or conventional office, such as customer service and implementation of meetings and conferences, but at much less cost.

This is because the use of a virtual office removes the risk of a higher payment for an installation, as each worker carries out his or her activities from home or from anywhere they can connect to the network without losing time in traffic jams and without suffering damages from climate change.

But the benefits of virtual offices do not end there. A company that makes use of this form of work accomplishes:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduced interruptions
  • Manages flexible schedules
  • Provides comfort to employees
  • Contributes socially by providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities or difficulty moving around, elders, and heads of household

Are there disadvantages to working in virtual offices?

As in any form of work, there are points on which care should be taken not to create disadvantages:

Mood of workers: Combat the sense of isolation and decay by providing support and feedback.

Teamwork: It is essential to reinforce the importance of group actions and remember that the actions of one member of the company affect all others.

Forms of communication: Although the Internet is the functional basis, it is necessary to have different ways to communicate if it were to be a flaw in the system.

Why use a virtual office?

Virtual offices are a service that adapts to all types of business. Most companies that offer virtual offices provide services tailored to meet individual needs.

The very nature of virtual offices makes them equally attractive for both one-person businesses operating from home and multinational companies trying to make a place in an emerging market.

Using a company that offers virtual offices, like many other services, depends on the needs of your business. You may not want to answer calls in general, or maybe just need a service call when it is not in the office. Moreover, you may need a service charge of communication of the company in general.

The Ideal Option for Starting a Business

Working at home is not the only option. A virtual office gives us a phone number, physical address, virtual support network management, and messaging boardroom. Flexible virtual offices are ideal for those who start small businesses or independent professionals who want to lower their costs and project a better image.

This service sector presents sustained growth in the last decade. However, many people are still unaware of the virtual office concept and are losing the opportunity to leverage the immense advantages that are within reach.

It`s predicted that the following trends will continue in the short term:

The outsourcing boom: 25% of SMEs use external services (outsourcing) to reduce costs, optimise resources, and find solutions.

Telecommuting: It virtualises and decentralized production of work, thanks to new technologies.

Digital natives dominate the world: They have a new concept of culture and the use of technology, and there will be a massive impact when this generation enters the labour market.

In the world there are various associations that have long been in charge of bringing together representatives of the main virtual, flexible, and shared offices sector, mainly the GWA (Global Workspace Association) based in the United States, and the BCA (Business Center Association) in Great Britain.

Why not simply use an answering machine?

It is true that a simple and inexpensive answering machine can record messages, but research shows that people tend to respond intuitively to the human voice. Many people simply hang up when they encounter an answering machine, and that contact or potential business could be lost forever. It is not only losing contact; encountering a human voice on the phone keeps the image of your company and assures its customers that it is legitimate, accessible and your call means a lot.

Virtual Receptionists

As if it were your own receptionist, the service can go further. Those important calls can be forwarded to mobile, while we can easily get rid of telemarketers and market studies if desired. Companies offering virtual offices can also initiate a phone order, help attract new customers, and increase sales, all for a fraction of the cost of a regular secretary.


Moreover, the services provided by a virtual office will offer companies the opportunity to experiment with new projects or short-term operations where necessary and will temporarily increase resources office. Registering with the services offered by a virtual office is much cheaper and less risky than investing in new employees and equipment, especially if the project is not working.

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