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What is a Virtual Office in London?

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office acts as an actual fully-functioning, physical bricks-and-mortar office, but is actually off-site to your business.

Virtual Offices are known for helping business owners to reduce their costs and overheads while continuing to present a professional business image. Those entrepreneurs and small business owners who have home-based businesses running from a home-office are often perfect candidates to make use of these services as they can get their virtual offices to handle certain aspects of the business for them.

The virtual office is actually a real live office with a real address often referred to as a mail forwarding service and can come with a business telephone number which is answered by trained staff on your behalf. The primary functions of such offices are for live communication, telephone answering, meeting rooms, message taking and forwarding by virtual assistants.

Who is taking advantage of virtual offices?

An increasing number of small and medium size businesses are picking up on the idea of using virtual office providers to manage certain aspects of their business. Virtual Offices have become very popular for administrative and communication needs. If you have been considering using a virtual office, it is important to learn more about it and how using one can be of benefit to you. Below is a brief and helpful guide that offers relevant information on Capital Offices’ Virtual Office service in London.

How a Virtual Office in London can benefit your business

Virtual offices offer various services to clients and are more cost-effective compared to actual on-site offices. Below are some of the many benefits of a virtual office that you will take great advantage of as soon as you start your own.

First Impressions: Making a first and lasting impression on a prospective client is important for many businesses. By having a virtual office, you will have a professional address of a well-known and prestigious building. The address becomes your business address and it makes a big impression on clients. Having a virtual office of your own based in the heart of London can give your business the ‘wow-factor’, and  help impress your existing clients as well as encourage new clients to sign up with you.

Privacy and Security: Those who run home-based businesses do not want to give out their own private home address to just anyone! Who really wants to be inundated with mail shots or have cold-callers turn up on your doorstep at all times of the day or night? By having a virtual office, you will have a professional address at a different location away from your home that you can comfortably give out to business clients and prospective contacts at network meetings. Your privacy and safety will remain secure as a result.

Cut-back On Costs: One of the biggest benefits of having a virtual office in London is that it allows business owners to cut back on the traditional costs and overheads associated with renting business premises. You do not have to spend money on renting or leasing a space all year round to have a professional office. Some people may just be testing the waters for a specific business idea they have had and are not ready to spend money on permanent office space or take out a mortgage on a building. You will also save money on petrol costs because you will not have to commute to your offices every day. You can continue to work out of your home office with the safe knowledge that everything is being handled professionally for you.

Telephone Answering, Voicemail and Mailing Address: A lot of small and medium business owners do not have the time to answer every call, especially if they are away from their phone in a meeting, out on the road driving, or busy with some other task that needs all of their attention. Your day to day communications and other administrative responsibilities will be handled more easily and much more smoothly by using a virtual office.

An added benefit of using a virtual office is that you will not have to worry about training up any customer service representatives to handle your calls, and there will be no language barriers or missed calls. Your calls will be transferred to you at any number you specify, or a message can be taken and then sent to you so you can deal with it at your convenience. You will also have voicemail capabilities and a professional mailing address to make sure absolutely nothing is missed or forgotten.

Work from Anywhere: Your actual office is wherever you are. You have the freedom to work wherever you choose –  from the comfort of your own home, at the airport, or a cafe! You can keep a virtual office and use it to run and manage your administrative needs.

Whether you are a home-based entrepreneur, an accountant, therapist, company formation agent, or real estate agent in London, you will benefit from working with virtual office London in the long run. You will no longer have to worry about long-term commitments and expensive overheads. Instead you can simply focus on running your business every day.

Get in contact with Capital Office to see how our Virtual Office Service can really be of benefit to your business.

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