What is a Registered Office for?

All registered companies are required by law to have a registered address. The registered office address is registered upon company formation, and can be changed at a later date if needed, should you choose to move premises for example.

Choosing a registered office address service, such as the one provided by us, is a very useful tool for small business owners to have. It allows you to add a professional company address to all your company letterheads, business cards and websites. This is especially useful for small business owners who operate their business from a home office or a small rented warehouse space that may only be a temporary measure as you plan to move frequently as your company grows and needs a larger space.

It is also a great way to have a registered address in the UK if you live or work abroad for most of the year and will ensure that all important mail will be forwarded to you so nothing gets missed.

Having a registered office address, especially one that is based in the heart of the country in London, can convey a professional image towards existing clients as well as potential new clients that you want to be taken seriously by. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working out of a home office or rental space, but having a professional London address can really add some gravitas to your business image.

Our Registered Address Service offers you the opportunity to have a prestigious London Address where your official documents can be received and sent on to your Limited Company or partnership preferred address. This address can be your home address or a different one of your choice. We allow official mail only to get through to you, such as important from Companies House and HMRC. Your new London registered address will be filed with Companies House and they will send all correspondence to your London Address.  We do not allow you to use the registered office address as a mail forwarding account, only official mail from HMRC and companies house can be sent to this address.

We also help with company formation and registration, so if you are still in the planning stages of formally registering your company, we can help you with that too. You can let us assist you to do everything at once if you prefer – go through the company formation process and register your company with a prestigious London address. When your mail arrives at your new registered office address, we can then forward it on to your location via first class post or you can collect your mail in person from our London Office. The choice is yours.

Companies House will send important letters and notifications to your registered office address, so if you plan to collect in person from our London office it is important that you pick up your letters from us in a timely fashion. Large fines can be applied by HMRC and Companies House if you are late for filling company accounts, so we wouldn’t want you to miss any important deadlines!

If you have already formed your company and wish to take up our Registered Office Address service, we can help with the process of changing your registered office address details.  We will contact Companies House and then re-submit your new London based Registered Office address on your behalf.

How impressive will it be when you can show new and prospective clients that you have a prestigious London Address! Simply by using our City Road EC1 address Registered Address Service, you will be on the right path to building great credibility for your business.