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Is postage included with the registered office service address?

Is postage included with the registered office service address?

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What is a registered office address?

A registered office address is for Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. It is a legal requirement from Companies House that a registered office address must be given when you incorporate a company. The address will then be used by Companies House and HMRC to send your company official statutory official post.

Why do I need a registered office address service?

Many small start up businesses are usually formed from a residential address, a homeworker for example starting a business would normally have no choice but to use the residential home address as the registered office address. The address is then available on public view, which means customers and business associates will be able to find out where you live and of course this can sometimes have privacy issues which may not be suitable for someone working and living at home.

Why Your Virtual Office London Registered Office Service?

Your Virtual Office London provide a real London office address in a prestigious and prominent area of central London. Our service can be used by Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP`s). The service can be used as long as the company is trading from England or Wales.

Is postage free?

We include all postage of statutory mail for free, your registered office post is sent first class same day and we also include free postage for our international clients; this post is sent out via airmail same day.

I am a director can I use this for my service address?

Our registered office is only for the company address, if you are looking to update your directors details with a London address, we do provide a directors service address. This is used by directors and secretaries of companies, it allows them to receive staturoy notices in their name to our service address in London. Again all post is included with this service, so there are no additional mail handling fees.

Can I have normal business post sent to the address?

If you are looking to have everyday trading mail, such as letters from clients and business associates, statements from banks and other marketing materials, you will need our London mail forwarding address. This is ideal for real trading businesses looking to have a prime address in the heart of London. Postage costs for this type of mail is not included and we would require a postage deposit.

A London address can really help boost your companies image, increasing the prestige of your operation through a prime address in central London can help your client perceive that your business is established and secure. Image is key to winning important contacts and clients, we strongly recommend our mail handling services to help aid the progression of your business. If you would like to discuss any points raised in this informative business article, please get in touch with the team today.

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