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Considering Incorporation Documents You`ll Need

To register a limited liability company once the application has been accepted, Companies House will need to obtain several registration certificate documents- such as significant incorporation, memorandum of association and articles of association. Here we look at new companies and what is required in terms of documents.

Certificate of registration

Your company has been registered at Companies House and so they will issue a registration certificate. This is a certificate of the company’s unique registration number and date of incorporation. This certifies and is conclusive evidence that the company was issued and has been duly registered. A third party company might ask to check that you have been successfully incorporated, or want to see as proof that a copy of the registration certificate has been created. This shows the date of your original Annual Return 12 months from the date of creation.

Association Agreement

A Memorandum of Association to form a company is where the company has confirmed its intention to become a member of a declaration made by each customer. Each member of the company must be named on the memorandum of association if it is a private company that is also limited by shares.

Articles of Association

The articles of association are important documents that set out the founding rules of a company. This includes discussing the rights of shareholders, distribution of dividends, appointment, removal and authority of government action and board meeting conduct. You must file articles of incorporation to Companies House. Most companies only “model” standard articles when you register, so if you don`t provide your article, Companies House will use the default model articles.

The share certificate

This is simply a document that certifies that the named person of the company is the one who owns the shares of that company. After registration, the share certificates should be sent out to shareholders within an 8 week period. This is just one of many things to try and remember to do in the infancy of a new business.

Associated Services

A great service we provide is a registered office address and a directors service address. Both of these services we provide help compliment your newly formed company by creating a corporate image for your business. A registered office address allows you to change the required address at companies house to our prestigious registered office address in London, this has many benefits including creating a professional image for your company. We also provide a directors service address which allows you to again use our prime mailing address in London as your own. This helps with privacy issues that can arise from using your own private address