Which of your London address packages do I need?

We provide three different address services. We provide a London office address for trading businesses, a registered office address service and a director`s service address. All three are different from each other and have key features which are important to understand.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of business are you? Are you a Limited Company, Partnership or sole trader? (There are more legal entities to the ones we listed but these are the main types our customers own).

If you are a Limited Company you will be able to choose all three services. The registered office address service is for your company registration, this is the main address that is required legally by Companies House. This address is on public record, the registered office address will be used to send you legal letters and statutory mail such as Tax Returns from HMRC & company documents from Companies House. The advantage to using our registered office address service in London is that it instantly takes your personal address of record; this has obvious benefits and keeps your address private and secure. Another benefit is that it looks very professional; our address situated in London is in a vibrant and affluent business start-up area which will instantly give your company an excellent image to prospective clients.

Again if you`re a Limited Company our Directors Service address is similar in terms of function to the registered office address. When you register a limited company through Companies House, you will need to list at least one director. When you list this director Companies House will require you to input contact information such as where the director is located. Our director`s service address allows you to place our prestigious London address instead of your own. Again the same benefits apply to this as per the registered office address; it takes your personal address of public record and makes you look more professional.

Our London office address for trading businesses is for Limited Companies, sole traders and even personal customers. This is simple a mail address that allows you to receive your post at our London office address. This has many benefits such as making your business look established, if you`re a personal customer this can help if you are in many locations and need a central point to pick up your post form. Many customers use this address as their main office location, if you are based in another city, having the capital as another option for your customers makes your business operation look more professional, helping them to have trust in your business. For full features please view our London office address package page.

If you have any questions about Your Virtual Office London packages, please get in touch with us today. Our team are always happy to take your call, or if you prefer, drop us an email and we aim to respond same day to all emails during working hours.
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