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Align your employees with your brand and achieve success

For a company to transcend the market, in addition to meeting a need with an original and effective product or service, requires a distinctive personality that is perceptible in each of its members.

Countless specialists say that the success of a company depends largely on their employees. So whether they are sellers or not, they must still exude the values and qualities of the organisation.

Research has revealed that employee behaviour is very important in the assessment of customers. Specifically, studies explain that when employees are unsure of the brand, the consumer attitude produces cognitive dissonance that they translate as distrust and inconsistency.

The latter makes companies lose credibility and reduce their sales and revenue. With business leaders sometimes unable to factor in the consequences of a corporate misalignment, we offer the following recommendations:

– Total Alignment. The message of your company should not be disseminated only by your marketing team, but for the entire workforce of the company, including executives and yourself.

– Excellent Deal. If you want your employees to provide quality care and excellence to your users, they need to understand what that experience means. Thus, the best practise is to treat your employees as you want him to treat your customers.

– Design to win. The worst thing for a brand is when their customer service structure and policies differ from their promises. The commitment of your company must not be inconsistent with the actual capacity of your business.

– Constant communication. The message of your brand, before becoming known throughout the world, has to be assimilated by your collaborators. Once that happens, you will be ready to communicate to the entire planet.

– Build a two-way brand. All levels must communicate with employees and customers, but it is also essential that they listen. Receiving feedback from your staff and your users is invaluable to strengthening your brand.

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