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5 Benefits for New Start-ups Using a Virtual Office

5 Benefits for New Start-ups Using a Virtual Office

The tech industry is booming at the moment, and there are new start-ups taking their first steps into the business world almost on a daily basis. However, just as quickly as new start-ups get going, just as many are floundering. Industry experts will tell you that the key to starting up a successful business is fostering and maintaining a very high level of efficiency.

Most start-ups have to work to very tight budget constraints, so it makes sense for them to utilise their resources in a sensible way. This means making economic decisions with regards to business premises and staffing levels. These are two essentials that are very draining on your budget, but without them it can be almost impossible to establish and run your business.

This is where having a virtual office is incredibly useful for new start-ups. When money is tight and your time is precious, having a turn-key solution that is already set up and ready to handle all your necessary day to day administration and running tasks to allow you to function can be a Godsend.

Lets take a closer look at the top five reasons why having a virtual office is key to the successful grounding of a new start-up business.

A cost-effective solution

Let me ask you a question. You have a set budget to spend on getting your business off the ground. Would you like to spend the bulk of your available budget on renting premises and buying office furniture, hiring staff, and spending out on all the necessary insurances to meet current health and safety standards, or would you prefer to spend your money on developing your new product or service?

Virtual offices are so very cost-effective, efficient and convenient. There is no hiring or firing to do, no staff training or providing them with facilities such as car parking, toilets, kitchens or staff rooms. There is not office furniture, computer equipment or telephones to buy. You can hire our complete virtual office that has everything you need at very affordable prices. The cost is a drop in the ocean when compared to what you would need to lay out for your own office suite.

Plus on top of these benefits, you can easily scale up your services on demand to meet your growing needs as your business expands. So when you would have outgrown your first small office, had you set it up yourself, there is no need to search for larger premises, move your office and suffer the down-time while everything is being dismantled, moved and set back up again. With a virtual office, you simply have more services added to your plan. Easy!

Convey a professional image

You can never underestimate how important image is in business. A new start-up needs to get itself established as a reputable company that must be taken seriously as quickly as possible. To do this, having a good business address with some gravitas makes you look much more credible in the eyes of others, especially those you wish to do business with as well as your business peers.

To stay one step ahead of your competition is important if you want to be successful. You can create, establish and maintain a strong and credible brand to attract customers and investors by having your very own prestigious City Road EC1 London business address.

The human touch

There are also added extras that you can make good use of without the need for them to be a permanent fixture of your business. For example, why pay for your own meeting room when it will stand empty for most of the time? Yes, business meetings are important, but do you need to spend a lot of money on renting premises large enough to accommodate a meeting room when it stands idle for the most part?

So what is the solution? Our meeting room hire service is something that you can use as and when you need it. This can save you a lot of money, and don’t forget that our meeting rooms come complete with a personalised reception service where a professionally trained member of staff will welcome your visitors and settle them in your chosen meeting room. Our high quality unbranded modern meeting rooms are very comfortable, air-conditioned, fully serviced with full rapid speed fibre optic Wi-Fi and cabled Internet solutions and have presentation whiteboards.

Although we offer a virtual office solution that is perfectly tailored to suit your business needs, it doesn’t mean you are going to miss out on the personal touch. Don’t forget that whether you choose to use our complete virtual office service, or just the telephone answering service alone, there will always be a real life human there taking your business calls in a professional and friendly manner. This can convey a great sense of trust and reliability within prospective clients or possible business associates. The level of professionalism on offer with our virtual office services is second to none.

In-built flexibility

Flexibility is key with any new start-up business. As your business grows, you will want to quickly keep apace with your expansion needs. The flexibility that a virtual-office offers is immeasurable. You can upgrade your existing package to include extra services or have larger meeting rooms to facilitate group meetings, AGM’s or small conferences. You can comfortably expand and grow at your own pace without having the inconvenience of moving offices or renting larger office premises.

Seamless continuity

Who needs the disruption of having to move office every year or so when there is no need to? With a virtual office solution you can expand your services to meet the growing needs of your business as it expands. Our services will continue seamlessly with no disruption or downtime that would be associated with an office relocation. There will be no need for a change of address on your official business letterheads, invoices and business cards. There will be no need to notify clients of a change of address and no risk of a communication breakdown that can lead to frustration and lost business.

With a virtual office solution, you can avoid many common issues that comes with facilitating your own office space, plus you will be saving a fortune on overheads and administration that comes with running an office. You can free your time up to focus on what is important – the future growth of your company.

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