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4 Common Service Address Questions

1. Is there a difference between a registered office address and a service address?

A service address normally known as a registered office address, is necessary for all limited company directors as an authorised address of correspondence. Their private mail from Companies House and HMRC is posted to their service address. This is or could be situated at any place in the world.

However, a registered office address is an official address of a limited company. The mail and other legal documents addressed to such a company would be delivered to the registered office. This type of address has to be in the exact area of the UK where a company or LLP is included.

2. Am I allowed to use my home address as my service address?

There is not a legal constraint that forbids directors from having a home address as a service address. On the other hand, most directors favour maintaining their privacy by not having their home addresses available on the public record.

Another favourable option is to acquire a certified Service Address from a company formation manager. This is put on the public record as a director`s chosen service address – all mail is sent to this address and then forwarded to the director at an address of their own choice.

3. Can my company`s registered office be used as a service address?

A service address isn`t exactly like a registered office, but is good enough to use as the equivalent address for both functions, providing it assures the legal needs of a registered office.

4. What mail is sent to a service address?

Only statutory mail that is addressed to a director can be posted to their service address. Nevertheless, directors can utilise the equivalent address as a service address, a registered office, as well as an all-purpose contact address for their business.

A service address can be known as a registered office address and is a great way of establishing a prestigious presence in a prominent area.