Does a Limited Liability Partnership require a registered office address?

The simple answer to that is yes, an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) must provide a registered office address when forming the company.

When the company is being registered with Companies House, Companies House requires a registered office address for this type of company. The address will be used for all official stator mail from HMRC and Companies House.

It`s a legal requirement however the address can be changed at any time, however if you are looking to keep your residential address private, we would recommend from outset using our registered office address in London from outset. When you change an address at company`s house, and you are allowed to change the address at any time, all changes are kept on public record. This means anyone can see past addresses which could be your residential address.

You are allowed to use any UK address as the main registered office address, residential, commercial or other. We always recommend our service address as its very affordable and it keeps your details private.

Benefits of using our registered office address

  • Stops unwanted junk mail
  • Stops unwanted or disgruntled visitors
  • Prestigious London address
  • Impresses clients with a professional commercial address
  • All mail is forwarded free of charge

Why our registered office service?

Our registered office address service adds instant prestige to your company, creating a professional corporate image that impresses your clients. Using your residential address will not have the same effect on clients, some clients are hard to please and our service is aimed at impressing everyone no matter how difficult they may be to please.

Your Virtual Office London registered office service

Your Virtual Office London provide company formations which include formations of Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies, a registered office address in Central London. Our location is very eminent and well recognized globally for being the hub of commerce and finance in London. With our registered office address all HMRC and Companies House statutory mail is forwarded to your location free of charge by 1st class mail same day, and this does include forwarding to international address for our overseas clients.
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