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Why Use a Virtual Office?

Having a virtual office is the best way to make your business transcend borders.

Likewise, virtual offices give your company the presence you need to gain the trust of your potential customers abroad.

A virtual office is a workspace that a business professional can rent for a certain period of time to use as a professional office, fully equipped and ready to develop commercial and entrepreneurial activity.

You can buy a business presence immediately, only paying a fraction of what you would pay for a physical office. Also gain tax addresses, virtual addresses, and a business address, which ensure an excellent image to its customers and control over their movements, contracts, and negotiations.

Hiring a virtual office is easy to grow your business in other countries without spending money on travel and full-time employees. We provide virtual secretaries responsible for carrying out agendas and keeping books. Bilingual receptionists are also available.

Characteristics of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are a convenient alternative when you want to rent an office space.

Some specialise only in one specific area, while others combine two, three, or four areas to provide virtual office services with full features. The following are those features:

Physical Office Service

A virtual office provides physical office services such as conference rooms and a reception area, plus office equipment such as printers, projectors, telephones, and computers. Customers can usually either rent office space on the site and share these services with other tenants, or they can work from elsewhere, such as home, and use these services only when necessary.

Correspondence Address

Guests can rent office space on the site and share these services with other tenants, or can work from elsewhere, such as at home, only making use of these services as needed while using the physical address as a mail forwarding service for customer correspondence only.

Answer and Call Forwarding

Many virtual offices offer a telephone receptionist to answer calls in a professional manner with a personalised greeting on behalf of the client. Messages and calls can be sent to the home or office, depending on customer requirements and availability.

Support Staff and Technical Equipment

Virtual support staff is one of the most convenient features of a virtual office. Besides the reception services, support ranges from secretarial and administrative services to accounting, a library for developing web sites, network administration, and technical support. These services save customers the need to hire employees or outside contractors to handle such tasks and frees up time for the customer to focus on their work.

What Makes Up a Virtual Office?

Most current offices need access to all information and applications on the internet to do their work, and above all they need to do it the more convenient, productive and efficient way. They are in touch with their work from anywhere through phone calls, emails, or connecting to the Internet from their mobile devices. This is part of a phenomenon known as virtual office.

The Next Generation: The Virtual Office

This desire to work from anywhere coincides with new trends that have had a strong impact: virtualisation and cloud storage. Office virtualisation separates the worker from the static desktop to introduce a virtual cloud as a more efficient way to develop their work.

Mobility and “Virtualisation”

In recent years, an operator’s desk was characterised by a desktop computer, where the worker would spend hours sitting in front of the monitor. Technology has now allowed these workers carry out their activities from the various mobile devices, allowing them to work from anywhere—not just from a desktop.

This is the reason why many offices have innovated with virtual projects that any of their employees can easily access through a password account from any device with internet access. The cloud services offer an almost inexhaustible infrastructure stability and reliability at low cost.

Behind the Virtual Office

Because any kind of virtual office includes all possible parts, functions, and characteristics of information technology, including software, wireless networking, and Internet security and support, it ends up being a whole lot of moving parts.

Because of the different tools offered by different technologies, the virtual office can handle any office concept, because it uses tools similar to those used in a conventional office.

When you save files and tools in an electronic or virtual support, enhanced security is obtained from the physical and conventional desktop. Files in a virtual office may have a restricted access so only registered users can access.

The service of a virtual office not only includes a platform for storing files and editing, but also the possibilities of communication via chat, email, or even video calls.

As you may realise, the new generation of office workers can now work from anywhere. By streamlining work, however the change from a traditional office to a virtual cannot be so easy. Specialised help may be needed to determine which platform is more useful for the type of work performed.

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