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What can having my own Virtual Office do for me?

Services offered by a virtual office

Updated August 2016.

Virtual assistants: we hear a lot about them nowadays, but still probably are not quite sure exactly what they do or what they mean to businesses like yours.

The truth is though, that the services virtual assistants specialise in can be of great benefit to help you grow your business and increase your sales. Here are just some of the important aspects that a virtual assistant can help you with:


The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is that you don’t have to provide an office for them, they can work remotely. The duties they perform can be done from their own home and the hours can be flexible too meaning it does not require large investments into renting office space, infrastructure, heating and lighting or insurance.

Some of the tasks a virtual assistant performs are:

Receiving business calls on your behalf, receiving, replying to and forwarding emails, conducting customer surveys, telemarketing work, providing information about your company to prospective clients or customers, the sending and receiving of paper-based mail, managing claims towards the company, making payment and authorising transactions for services, filing documents and various other admin tasks.

Here are some of those tasks discussed in some more depth and why the virtual assistant can be crucial to the smooth running of a business, especially a new start-up working with a very limited budget.

Social Networks

Virtual assistants have the skills required to open accounts in social networks, write, distribute and manage the content over these channels. They are experts who know how to attract and engage with people, market goods and services, promote your business brand and raise awareness of your company.

All these tasks take time and patience. Some companies do not feel very comfortable using social networks because of a lack of knowledge or training. Some managers simply do not have the time to dedicate to this themselves or cannot afford to divert existing staff from their duties to focus on building up their social media presence. However, if these tasks are carried out by the right virtual assistant, your business can achieve great success.


Creating regular print newsletters, email newsletters and email alerts can help build a relationship between your company and their customers.  Some companies do not enjoy building and maintaining the communications side of the business, but its is very important to maintain contact with existing customers that have already purchased from you and attract the interest of those who may become new customers in the future. Regular electronic newsletters should be sent at least every two weeks to maintain a good company awareness.

More often than not however, most companies start with great enthusiasm for building customer relationships, but then the effort often dims due to the time spent on it as well as performing other multiple tasks daily. This is where a virtual assistant comes in very useful. They are able to take the full weight of this important function and maintaining it at a high level, creating a valuable tool for your marketing and sales. If you wish, they themselves will learn about your business and take care of the writing and publication for you.

Blogs, Articles and Press Releases

This is another speciality of virtual assistants. They know how to write engaging posts to reach the public with the right tone and enough interesting information to attract new social media followers, get good post shares to raise company awareness, and even create a sale.

Every day, thousands of people read informative and useful blogs and articles on the internet. A good virtual assistant can play this field with an article or message with the exact content you wanted to convey. This is essential if your goal is to keep the audience’s attention on your business every day.


Most businesses think that once you pay for the design and construction of a Website, its a completed operation and that’s it, job done! But in reality, it’s not quite that simple. Your website needs to routinely refresh and change with new content being added and regular updates made to its format and design as technology moves on. Virtual assistants can achieve this for you too, by posting fresh content, editing and updating current content to keep it relevant and adding images to break up posts and pages with heavy blocks of text.

Within this website we can also use the aforementioned social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram, press releases, email messages, blogs). This is an effective way to keep customers engaged and connected to your company.

A good virtual assistant specialising in the maintenance of webpages can advise you about the best methods to maintain an attractive, informative site, the latest software updates and what is most important to attract and engage public attention.

These are just some of the areas where virtual assistants are well trained and can help you in order to grow your business at a place like Capital Office.

It is very important that you discuss with your virtual assistant your exact goals for your business, so they can tailor their work to suit your needs.

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