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A virtual office in London: ways to grow your business credibility

How can having a virtual office in London benefit me?

Updated July 2016.

The location of your office and your business reputation are very intertwined. A prestigious address on your company letterhead can foster a positive first impression of your business even before the client has even met you. Those first communications with your new client will start off on the right note with a positive air and a willingness to do business with a company with some gravitas to their name.

However, if you have a business address based in a run down area, a potential client’s first impressions of that address can lead to a very negative outlook for you and your company. Can you really risk putting off prospective new clients even before you have spoken to them?

A business operating in a well known area, such as our Virtual Office in London, can give your clients a positive first impression. Everyone understand first impressions are important, and we can help you achieve this. After all, where better to have your company address than in the beating heart of the country with a well-established reputation as a world-wide business hub.

Our virtual office package provides you with a cost effect solution to establishing your good business name and reducing the risk of lost revenue through poor first impressions. Our cost-effective virtual office services offer a customisable range of management services that can help you see a great return on your investment.

For example, you can obtain a prestigious London address for your company for less than £100 and this can be used as your main address, or in addition to your regular business address helping your clients think that you may have several offices located around the UK. Mail Forwarding is included, so this means you can use the address on your company stationary, websites, and other material and have your clients send their mail to you at your London address. Once we receive your mail, we can then forward your mail to your chosen location. This can be your main office address where you run your company from, or to your home address – wherever you prefer. We will not disclose your forwarding address to anyone.

Don’t worry if your business premises lacks suitable meeting space. Our virtual office address can also give you access to modern, unbranded business meeting rooms, creating a professional atmosphere for your business meetings. Using our state of the art meeting rooms can help your to maximise your business activities to achieved the best possible results for a very small outlay.

Our virtual office and meeting rooms are a perfect fit for small companies or larger organisations that may not want or need to pay rent on larger business premises all year round when then are not needed at all times. We also find many homeworkers benefit from our virtual address service as it enables them to appear larger than they actually are, and helps to keep their personal residential address off public records.

How does it compare to a real office address?

Our virtual office service provides all the advantages of a real bricks and mortar office but without requiring the large overheads and expenses needed for rent, rates, insurance and employee wages. Our virtual office address allows you to have all of your business post sent to us in London, we then forward all of your mail to your chosen address.

Virtual Offices are certainly a smart and efficient way of helping to improve businesses productivity. It enables your business to develop excellent relationships through good impressions and positive reputation building. A virtual address offers all the benefits of a real office address without the associated overheads. This is a fantastic cost-effective method of improving your bottom line and cutting out a lot of expensive and unnecessary business outlay.

Find out more about our virtual office services here.

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