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Use promotion to attract customers

Most consumers who make ​​purchases aren’t considered to have made any ​​significant savings through promotions.

The reason? Most of the “promotions” consisted of card payments consisting of months without interest. Only 0.6 percent of buyers saw more than 50 percent savings.

Although implementing promotions that do not bring significant benefits to consumers in the short can attract and increase sales; in the long term there is the risk of negatively affecting the image of your company and thereby avoiding repurchases and struggling to generate loyalty.

To solve this problem, the key is to create valuable to your target consumer promotions that also suit the demands of digital commerce. This is possible if you have the following considerations in mind:

  1. Watch your advertising discounts

Avoid lying at all costs to your customers to communicate discounts and promotions that you offer them. If the advertising message is inconsistent with promotions that are on your site, the bounce rate or percentage of abandonment after seeing a single page will increase, hurting the metrics of your site in general.

It also uses different and less saturated platforms to advertise your promotion channels. For online shops in particular, they are ideal for the generation and sale of coupons and discount codes. Psychologically, consumers are confident that a discount is a legitimate reduction of the original price. Coupons and discount codes help reinforce this idea and discourage bargain hunting in the shops of other competitors.

  1. Focus on customer satisfaction

Although the success of your business will provide a great opportunity to increase the volume of sales of your business, making your customers a priority will need the implementation of certain tactics. When creating your plan of promotions, it establishes a final objective to meet and exceed the expectations of your target consumer.

This approach could even provide your business profitability during the remainder of the year, for generating a truly valuable promotion; you will be promoting customer retention in the long term.

  1. Offer valuable promotions and discounts

Offering mediocre consumer promotions can foster a negative image of your business; chances are, that you will be the victim of negative reviews by other means (such as social networking) and they can strongly influence the opinion of potential customers.

However, it is not necessary for your company to go bankrupt in order to offer valued promotions. An offer is valuable when solving the problems, needs and interests of your target consumer. Based on your needs during your marketing campaign, analyse what your customers look for this time of year : what will Christmas shoppers want in advance, for example? Should you perform large volume purchases for the rest of year? Should you make the payment of the product or service you offer on deferred amounts? Finding discounts on specific products?

To obtain accurate answers, it is best to create a poll. If your budget allows, you could conducted a market survey among a significant potential sample and repeat customers. You can also use free tools like social networks or surveys of users of your online store site. Remember to offer some type of incentive to encourage them to respond.

  1. Align the deals with your products or services

Promotion offers benefits aligned to the consumer, the business and also complements the products or services you offer. In this regard, aligned promotions are those that provide an additional benefit to customer acquisitions as a reward. An example of these developments for success is the gifts on the purchase of goods or services and the payment of loyalty point’s programs and frequent purchases. In general, these developments do not incur high costs for businesses and also they generate a return of high investment.

  1. Focus your promotions

Before making your promotions, you should know your customers in depth: their personality, interests and needs. One of the great advantages of online trading is the possibility of using Business Intelligence tools to obtain this information through the website of your shop and grouping the types of customers who visit and shop at your online store. This allows you to create personalised promotions, consistent with the interests of each type of customer, increasing the effectiveness of your promotions.

Keeping in mind these points will help you choose promotions that will provide valuable benefits to your customers, which will result in a positive impact on your online store for the proper completion and, more importantly, in the long run.

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