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Diversify your business with mobile messaging apps

In the world in which we live, full of speed and an infinite need to be in constant communication, a market that is gaining ground every day has come in the form of mobile messaging applications.

This sector has experienced a sharp growth in the area of mobile apps, and is therefore where a potentially multibillion-dollar market for developers who choose to engage in this type of business arises.

Today services like WhatsApp, iMessage, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Skype account for the majority of mobile messaging market in the world. For this reason this market is expected to continue to grow over time, so if you are interested in investing in this area then we give you some options that will leave you to make money with this system:

• Stickers or emoticons sponsored by brands

To be known and reach more users, many brands have taken on the task of creating stickers or emoticons for use on a mobile messaging service, these no cost to users either.

• Souvenirs and toys

Try to get your pets, souvenirs or virtual Toys to be traded physically, it may make you earn a lot of extra money to your mobile messaging services.

• Charge for use

Perhaps the least liked by users, this option can be useful for your mobile app. It is to charge a fixed monthly or yearly fee for the use of mobile messaging service. Just be careful with this option because unless your service is the market leader, users will go to the competition.

• Collection of stickers and emoticons

You can create two types of stickers and emoticons on your mobile messaging service, free or paid; with the paid option, usually the design or animation makes them unique for users, giving them a greater sense of value.

• Selling advertising

This option is also a bit annoying for users because from time to time a number of messages may appear in a small window or completely fill the user’s screen with advertising for any brand, event or other application, either from the same creator mobile messaging service or other developers to pay for it. However, for many companies it will work very effectively.