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Train your employees on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and your staff

Between 60 and 63% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Britain suffered a hacking attack last year, according to a recent study.

The report by the firm specialising in cybersecurity notes that the lack of interest is the main reason for the attacks, since most SMEs think that they won`t be targeted because of their size. Therefore the situation is exploited by criminals to steal information.

The report’s findings ensure that smaller organisations implement less IT security measures than that of larger companies. Only 19% of small companies and 15% of midsize companies are reactive against cyber-attacks.

In order for your business to prevent and mitigate IT risks, we share the following recommendations.

Delimit access

To prevent leakage of information or hacker attacks, you should define which employees have access to certain applications.

Put in passwords

This requires each of the members of your team using passwords on all devices from which to access information in your company. To reinforce this activity, you need to explain to them what consequences there would be if information is stolen from the company.

Always alert

Make sure your employees are aware of the most frequent threats to prevent them from becoming lackadaisical. This can be done through small notices by mail.


Ask the manager of your business systems to install data protection tools on mobile devices and so blocking the download of applications from dubious sources.

Say no to public networks

Prohibit your staff mobile devices from connecting to corporate and public networks that are risky. This is best done from the cellular network, whilst using a virtual private connection.

Ask to report any eventuality

Explain to your staff that it is their obligation to immediately report any suspicion of a security incident.

Put locks on social networks

To do this you must restrict disclosure of corporate information on social networks, unless it is through the manager. This avoids the danger of clicks on malicious links that have appeared.

Get cyber insurance

Businesses can now obtain specialist insurance to help limit the damage caused from breaches in cyber security. More firms are now choosing to take up insruance to ensure they can help mitigate any potential breaches with a well covered insurance policy.


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