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Set personal goals for each employee

Set personal goals for each employee

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Employee performance directly impacts the results obtained by a company, so if members of your team perform an incredible job, the business progresses; by contrast, if employees perform poorly, the company stagnates.

Against this background, it is always difficult to know whether the members of your team who are not performing well will be reflected in the scope of the goals set. Therefore, we suggest setting goals and metrics to evaluate to each employee.

With this practice, each worker will know what works and where to go, while the results arising from performance measurement helps you both know if they are on track.

As we know, setting goals and metrics is not a simple process, so we share some recommendations for you to overcome this process within your company.

Ask them to set their goals

This simple exercise will motivate your employees, since they are the ones who must define the objectives to be achieved while working in your company.

To overcome this step, we recommend you speak to your whole team, and ask them to set each of their goals. Then you must evaluate these objectives and approve or modify them if necessary.

Realistic goals

Once you start to review the objectives proposed by each worker, it is necessary that you are sure that each member of your team maintains control over the possibility of achieving their goals or not.

This is done in order not to promise things that cannot be met, either by lack of resources, or because they are out of reach or relies on a third party.

Think in the short term

Your employees must set monthly goals; so you should consider scheduling regular meetings to discuss the results that have been achieved.
For that reason, it is important that measurable objectives are established with clear methods. Otherwise, you and your team will not know whether they have been met, which may affect their motivation and lower morale.

Drive the group recognition

Gather your team together in a group at the beginning of each month. At this meeting, each team member must set out the goals reached last month, what their performance was and what their goals are for the next month.

Such meetings provide positive feedback and collaboration. This will make the team improve their performance, and in so doing, will obtain the satisfaction to share it with the rest of the team.

Define goals when necessary

For some departments of your company, such as the sales area, the objectives are easy to develop. In other places, it can be a challenge because they are not entirely obvious or quantifiable.

To overcome this situation, you must think of the ideal scenario in which the person would do excellent work that contributes to the good of the company.

By aligning business goals with employees, and providing real-time visibility, it will enable them to know their progress, from which both your company and your workforce will benefit.

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