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How to select the right premises for your business

Finding a suitable location, as well as facilities for your business can sometimes be something of a minefield, as there are so many options and factors to consider before making a final decision.

Choosing the wrong area for your company could prove disastrous, especially if it affects the customers, employees and suppliers.
Prior to looking at all the available locations, make a short list of some of the basic facts that affect the final choice. Particular attention should be given to the building type, for example, if you need office space or an industrial site for a factory or warehouse.

Think of your employees and how they can make it to work, especially if they do not have their own transport – alongside this, factor in if it`s somewhere your customers will be able to reach. Do some research on local public transport to ensure that the location is not too difficult to approach.

Space and design are also key considerations, because conditions that are too large or small for your business requirements will cost more in the long run. Could the location itself have an impact on the company and if so, is it necessary to go to a more premium type of location? If this is the case, you should consider a serviced office space. London and other large cities often have a higher demand for commercial properties, making serviced offices a more viable option.

Spending time to decide what you need in a building before you commit to a local search can make life easier and a more effective approach to finding the location that best fits your business.

If you don’t necessarily need to operate in a rented office then a virtual office can provide a good alternative. A virtual office allows you to operate from home, this helps with keeping overheads to a minimum which is especially important if you are a new venture. However your clients are given the impression you are based in a prominent area, perfect for new start-ups and small businesses.

Your Virtual Office London specialise in virtual office services, a virtual office can comprise of a mail forwarding address, a registered office address and a call answering service. If you would like to find out more do contact us.