Should we Relaxing Sunday Trading Hours for large stores?

Form chief executive of Sainsbury`s Justin King said that the company is against the new move to relax trading hours on Sunday.
Hi said he is no longer supporting this, Sainsbury`s and larger shops are restricted to just six hours on a Sunday, in comparison smaller shops can actually open for longer.

The government are looking at relaxing the six hour trading rule for larger shops in the coming autumn.
Mr King said he was not supportive of it, and that is was not a big issue for him or his customers.
20 years ago the Sunday trading act allowed shops to open on a Sunday before this many shops were not legally allowed to open the door to customers on a Sunday.

Larger shops were restricted to just six hours on a Sunday, with the aim to help protect smaller shops from competition from larger stores.

There is a contrasting argument put forward by Conservative MP Philip Davies, he has been explaining that deregulation doesn`t matter as many people can still shop online at any time and that the current rules do not really stack up in these modern times.

Conservative MP Philip Davies has been leading the push for further deregulation and he says that such an argument does not really make sense any more, particularly now that supermarkets can take orders online and deliver them when they like. Scotland have already relaxed trading rules, companies can trade anytime on any day.

What do you think? Your Virtual Office London are siding with J Sainsbury`s we would love to hear what your views are.