Judging someone takes a lot less time than you think

In business you will come across many potential clients, suppliers and partners. It is very important to build a picture of that person before agreeing to work with them. Spotting someone who is trustworthy is a very important skill in the business world. The old adage of not judging a book by its cover can often be a wise and effective saying to call upon. However a new report is explaining that most people actually form a judgement of a person in a very quick time.

Many people may think they are non-judgmental, however a report is now suggesting that we actually form a decision if we can trust them within a split second of first laying eyes on them

Research carried out by the New York University has suggested that human brains automatically compute the features of another person`s face upon first viewing. This then relays to us a judgment based on the appearance before we have had time to properly assess the persons face.

A professional image is key, our business address services can help boost your companies image
A professional image is key, our business address services can help boost your companies image

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