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Actions to manage your work time

In a demanding and competitive world, accelerating the pace of work and having enough time to share with friends and family time are seemingly unattainable illusions; however, to those skilled in management it is feasible if the time is properly delegated – that is, implementing some practises that should become habits.

Here we offer some clues to arrange the time in the office optimally:

– Regular breaks. Concentrating for too long in an activity weakens your attention, resulting in reductions in your productivity levels. To avoid this, there is a strategy in the corporate universe to take breaks between activities.

According to experts, pausing for 15 minutes in your day is essential and means your mental capacity doesn`t diminish and will be available when you need it most. The suggestion is to do it every two hours.

– Review e-mails. One of the most demanding activities in terms of time is to review the email. Hence, many management experts recommend setting schedules to check it and avoid large losses of time.

The recommendation is to select three periods not exceeding one hour to manage your mails and abandon the paradigm that an email be answered immediately.

– Administration of social media. Social Media platforms are a double-edged sword. They offer great benefits to your company in terms of visibility and interaction, but you can steal a lot of time when the focus of their use is personal. This assumption is valid for you and your collaborators.

– Creating routines. The practises outlined above should be part of a routine. This means that its implementation must be habitual. This is particularly relevant if you take into account that 80% of your activities are subject to programming.

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