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Making the most of team meetings

Making the most of team meetings

How often do you have organised a meeting to see participants where they walk through the door of the conference room, sit down and talk with their neighbour or read the program, but have no eye contact you. For a constructive meeting, and to run events in an energetic and positive note, it`s best to encourage people to participate in the meeting.

Before people enter the conference room, you want the vibe to be optimistic, energetic and ready for action, and the participants will naturally imitate your actions and mood. However, if only one person shows negative body language, it can have a negative effect on mood, so you need to be careful.

Open the meeting with an icebreaker before informing people why the meeting was called and what your goals are. You can open proceedings with a game, and can ask people to write on a piece of paper something others do not know about them and put them in a bowl on the table. The group may then try to guess who it belongs to, which relaxes the members of the congregation.

Thank people for their contributions and acknowledge any successes, no matter how small they are. You can also ask people to remind their team of the actions that they are responsible for, so it can be controlled if people aren`t invested in the topic of the meeting. Before the end of the meeting, relate the conversation back to non-compliance or concerns.

How to improve one-on-one meetings

Individual meetings with your team are a great way to increase employee productivity, report problems and improve employee development individually. This is why it is so important that manager`s monitor the time for regular meetings with employees individually.

If you do not already have one on a regular basis, you should think from now on, and if not, consider implementing the following:

Make it every day

Celebrating a casual meet is a great way for employees to feel comfortable. The meeting could be a café or bar, not an office or conference room space, for a more relaxed feeling to get the most out of their employees.


Organised meetings for lunch are perfect for those times when you want to link to an employee and get to know them a little better. They will be less self conscious and more likely to open on the table in the office table.

Input from the employee

Prior to the meeting, let the employee in on the schedule and points of discussion. By including them in the build-up, you can help them feel more valued and empowered in their work.

It should be concise

Meetings are usually long and boring and can become unproductive. Keep meetings short and to the point, and interesting to keep employees on board and committed throughout.

Keep track

It is always good practice to follow up on ideas and suggestions transferred in one-on-one discussions, if you’re going to take full advantage of the time spent.

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