Your Virtual Office London – Mail Forwarding, what is it?

Lot of businesses in the UK use Mail Forwarding services – probably far more than you think! This is a service that allows you to hire an address and have all your business related post forwarded to that mailing address. Capital Offices mail forwarding service is much like a mail box or a PO box; in that you can use the City Road EC1 Central London address provided by Capital Office as your own, but our exclusive and prestigious London address will look far more professional on your business paperwork than a common PO box address.

Many business people choose to have a mail forwarding address as this provides many benefits when compared to using your own residential address as your main business correspondence address. One such benefit is that the mail forwarding address is a prestigious London business address, and your clients would be given the impression that your actual business is based there. Clients will not know it is a mail forwarding or mail box service as their is no indication of this on the address you use.

Our prestigious London address can be used on your own correspondence such as business cards, letter heads as well as on your website. Having a mail forwarding address instantly gives your business an established presence. First impressions are important and a mail forwarding service can help you achieve your important goals of building trust and credibility in your business.

Another benefit is that of greater personal security. Your mail forwarding service from Capital Office will be completely confidential. This means that your details are private and will not be given out to anybody inquiring about your mail forwarding address. This is good for stopping unwanted callers turning up at your home at all hours of the day and wasting your precious time.

Once your mail is received at your mail forwarding address, you can have it sent out to any location in the world that you choose. Most of our clients prefer to have the mail sent in batches – this can help reduce postage costs by sending the mail in one bundle as opposed to individually as each letter comes in. However you can choose how you want to have your post sent, each client will have their own individual requirements, so we are pleased to offer a flexible postage plan to suit your special needs.

If you have any queries about our mail forwarding service, feel free to contact us so we can answer your questions and help to tailor a service that will be a perfect fit for your business needs.