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Learn to take advantage of virtual offices

Flexible working increases productivity.

Today, telecommuting or flexible work by everyone has increased. With the aid of technology, it experiences more growth by the year. In a study by Regus it was found that there are an estimated 1 billion mobile workers around the world and this year the figure rose to more than 1.2 billion.

This growth is due to new technologies that can be found today, allowing us to do virtual work and minimising the need to move every day to a physical office.

Furthermore, having a virtual office offers you the advantage of being able to choose from which work can be from home, a cafe, a park etc. But that’s not all, since 60% ​​of employers and entrepreneurs believe that the cost of operating a virtual office is reduced by more than 50%.

Many companies have found a perfect solution to flexible working to be the ability to take advantage of a virtual office to grow your business, as always at the beginning we want to reduce all unnecessary expenses and save as much as possible because it is not always possible to mount a traditional office. However, when they have changed to a virtual office they tend to find more benefits, such as changing the local address by to a more prestigious one, which brings an improvement in the image of the company.

This not only helps to improve the image of your business, it offers a lot more confidence to your customers and will help to attract new contracts, not to mention other economic benefits such as saving cost for a secretary, costs for maintenance, cleaning, electricity, etc. People usually do not take this into account. Operating a physical office yourself and you will realise that the operating cost increases to the clouds.

Flexible working and the use of virtual offices is growing day by day all over the world, but the problem we face is the distrust of this new modality, as it is believed to lower productivity, which is totally false, that when a person works from a place that feels comfortable this allows you to have an emotional and work-life balance, which increases productivity.

At the time of hire of a virtual office, you must take into account what each business centre offers, and note that some allow you to access any of its facilities, for the instances when you will be travelling to another city. Later in this site, we will be comparing and recommending where you can get a virtual office at low cost and offers great benefits.

  • Virtual offices are the choice of the future?

Certainly, for many of us starting a venture, affording the physical office is not an option, and in most cases, is not even necessary. Today, many work from home, cafes, squares and other places. That is why we must rethink whether you really need to have a physical space to work.

In recent studies, many experts in the field predict that the workplace as we know them today may come to an end. This is because the Internet allows us to work from anywhere in the world.

These professionals, small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) have decided to leave behind physical work spaces and migrate to virtual offices, providing an business address and valuable office services without the overheads. Meeting with the team now is not difficult since there are means available to be used when necessary such as chats rooms, which allows us to talk to all staff that are not in the same place.

The current technological development has encouraged the use of virtual offices to the point that in the UK there are more than 1 million people now work from home and this trend has expanded to more of the world and will continue to grow. A virtual office not only provides you with a physical address, fiscal, a secretary who attends to your call, but also provides a better presentation to your customers, plus it can save a lot of money compared to what it would cost you to maintain a physical office.

One of the biggest concerns of people who have not opted for a virtual office is how to adapt the way you work on the internet, especially teamwork. Well that’s something simple because we now have many tools for cloud computing, which allows us to work together in real time in the cloud, i.e. via the Internet, Which can generate substantial savings for small, medium and large enterprises.

  • Telecommuting and virtual offices are the perfect combination for success

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the benefits of using virtual offices. Today, hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs have opted for this new way of working, and by saying new, I mean in some developing countries, because in places like here in the United Kingdom, some people have been working from home for more than 15 years without the need for an office.

Today, we will discuss a combination that may be the key to success for thousands of entrepreneurs, SMEs and independents who want to increase business productivity while lowering operating costs and most importantly, improve the quality of life of people.

The new generations have been born in an age where technology, communication, internet and mobility are essential in everyday life, which implies that we will find it difficult to adapt to ever being in one place or to carry out work schedule from 9am to 5pm on a fixed office.

That is why we and millions of people support flexible work mode, since this encourages new generations to have a better work performance. In a survey conducted by Regus it was concluded that 81% of companies worldwide offer options to its employees about where and when to work. Furthermore, it was found that 60% believe that telecommuting is much better than the fixed job. 70% say that this approach respects families, and 60% say it helps improve work and family life of employees.

But that’s not all. Other advantages in the use of telework were also found, as it helps the environment by not using a workspace, as traditionally in the physical offices. It also helps to increase employee productivity and working at their own pace and in a space where they feel comfortable.

In conclusion, telecommuting and virtual offices brings great advantages for companies and SMEs, but even more for entrepreneurs who are just starting because it allows them to work from anywhere they want but with the assurance that there will be a receptionist to attend your calls, receive correspondence and of course have a physical address and if necessary, one prosecutor and a much lower cost than a traditional office lease.

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