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How to be more productive and get the results you want

Would you like to get better results? To be more productive? To leave less things for later? In this article, you will find how to easily apply these aspects with a different approach.

Nature is wise and builds its magnificent structures progressively. The seed doesn`t become a tree in a day – everything requires a process. In the midst of a fast-paced world, where it is possible to make great leaps from one moment to another, sometimes it is overlooked that the escalation is an important key, especially when we generate sustainable results.

Some applications of progression:

Every great project is divided into small steps. Such is the key to perform these feats: identify the small steps you need to build what you want. Visualise the end result, but only take care of the small, concrete, simple action that you make now.

How often do we not know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a project? When you face something big, change your approach to escalation and just ask yourself, what is my next move?

Train yourself to break down bigger things, as this ensures your growth. Trying something, for which you are not prepared for however, greatly increases the chances of failure. Progression can be about developing and creating learning skills, which will be needed for the next level of growth you attain. Builders know of escalation, because to lift a very tall building, you need to first build an excellent foundation.

Increase your self confidence. Personal change processes can take time: conceive of a new way to interact with new rules and meet new environments. To feel secure and comfortable in this scenario, you need to acclimatise.

We need to explore, test ourselves and assimilate new ideas about ourselves and others. Moving forward with progression allows this process to gain results naturally and so the changes take root better.

Escalation does not mean slow progress. Escalation is instead about fulfilling and evaluating each step when it is time to move to the next. Many times, the attempt to “go faster” just takes longer because you cannot ever start or build results that stand the test of time. Escalation involves being attentive to the process and having a high level of commitment to growth.

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