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Is going Virtual right for you?

A new feature of today’s technology that helps simplify the time, cost and speed of communication are virtual offices.

  • What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a space where you can conduct similar activities to those of a physical office. A virtual office often consists of a business mail forwarding address, telephone answering and modern meeting room space.  The relationship between people is electronic, performing the work without being in a physical office. The work is done wherever and whenever the person may be connected to the network.

Companies that use a virtual office are those seeking a low-risk solution as opposed to investing in a conventional office. Perhaps they want to try new products or service ideas, seek to establish a commercial presence in the place of establishment of the provider, improve their corporate image or seek business support services such as answering service, among others.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office?

As in all things, the virtual office is no exception and has advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when considering if it is a viable option to conduct your business and entrepreneurship from.

  • The advantages of a virtual office

A virtual office has several advantages for a company. Among them are:

-The savings for installation. Allow savings due to employees working from home.

-Work will be more productive in times of contagious illness in the workplace that prevent the transfer of employees. The same applies for employees who would normally commute or use public transport in times of traffic jams, break downs or strikes. All these scenarios are averted because they will be working in their homes without being affected.

-Benefits people with mobility difficulties, as they can perform work from the home.

-Less installation cost. Companies do not have to have an office with as much space as some workers are elsewhere other than the main office. This reduces the cost of rent and expansion of a common office.

-Less cost of equipment. The companies, instead of providing office equipment to each worker, can share much of the equipment.

-Formal Network of communication. Because of the need to stay informed and receive instructions, companies are giving more attention to have a communication network, thereby leading to the development of better communication among workers.

-Social Contribution. The virtual office allows companies to hire workers who otherwise would have no job opportunities, whether disabled, elderly or parents with young children. This also includes high-value employees geographically located away from the offices of the company.

-The Virtual office provides a great opportunity to increase the activities of a company, and thus their productivity while reducing costs.

  • The disadvantages of a virtual office

The virtual office also has disadvantages and it is important to know these to consider the risks:

-A company that uses virtual office should make sure to provide its employees with the necessary for them to work from home tools. Also, it is important to have an efficient control from established offices and ensure closely monitored telephone calls of employees working remotely. It is important to maintain meetings in order to promote communication and motivation are conducted to carry out the activities.

-Sensation of isolation. Having no contact continuously with the other employees of the company, means that they may lose the feeling of being part of a team.

-Fear of job loss, decay in the mood, family tension. These disadvantages can bring related motivational and psychological aspects, which is why companies should pay special attention to both the stage of selecting candidates to work as teleworkers (workers in virtual offices), and to support activities, feedback, motivation and communication.

  • How do you work in a virtual office?

The way you work in a virtual office is very similar to that of a physical office. However, it is important to maintain the following activities:

-You must have an address and in turn be responsible for the area, to report on this every day about what each person has worked on in the respective area to which they belong through an activity report.

-To keep up with a selection of work and more importantly, meet the objectives and tasks set.

-To be engaged in the work involving initiative.

-To control the pace of work.

-The worker must be connected wherever you are to maintain communication with the central office. In this mode it is known as telecommuting.

-There’s a person taking on the role of the correspondence, faxes, e-mails, phone calls and visits to call attention.

  • What characteristics should the personnel working in a virtual office have?

Some of the most important features that personnel working for a virtual office should be:

-Responsibility and maturity

-Ability to organise

-To use initiative

-Have a suitable atmosphere and work area at home

-Professional temperament

-Ability to communicate


  • What activities are most fit a virtual office?

The activities that most fit a virtual office are:



-Accounting And billing

-Software development

– Computer Programming

-Work Publishers

-Journalism and advertising

-Teaching and training


The virtual office is a step ahead in the use of technology and is definitely an option for the future of business, an alternative for those who have to travel constantly to close agreements. As a result, work and communication becomes more effective.

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