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Make sure you interview a candidate the right way

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) unfortunately do not have a department or specialised recruitment area, so sometimes it’s the same employer who has to conduct interviews for candidates.

During interview, employers should seek a professional conversation focused mainly on the skills and achievements of candidates; however, often they have to apply other questions that reveal more about the person being interviewed.

That is why we share some tips here for applying different types of questions, common in a job interview.

1. Open: top questions to ask in an interview that seek flowing dialogue between the interviewer and the candidate, allowing the person to give a comprehensive response. With them will be assessed your poise, communication skills and consistency. For example, “tell me about yourself”, “why you were interested in the vacancy?”, “why do you think you`re suited to this job?”

2. Fitness: Your objective is to assess whether the candidate has the skills to perform the job. It`s a good idea to enquire about the candidate’s experience and skills they possess.

3. Behavioural: When making a hiring, it is not only important that the candidate can do the job. Behavioural questions seem to examine what the profile of the person is to assess whether they can successfully integrate into the team.

4. Situational: Once you analyse their past records, you may want to ask situational questions to get an idea of what their future behaviour will be.

5. Trick: It sometimes works to ask questions that seem out of work context or even absurd or incoherent. Its purpose is to remove some candidates of standard questions and submit to a mental challenge that reveals a little more about their personality.

Finally, do not forget that there are also inappropriate questions to avoid, which could put a business-person in trouble because they can be offensive, for example: Are you pregnant? What is your sexual orientation? Why are not you married? Just to mention a few.