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Does your business use instagram?

If we talk about impact and freshness in the universe of social networks, then you`ve got to think of Instagram, an interactive platform with stunning visual potential; however, as a tool for brand positioning, it has generated more doubts than certainties.

The situation is logical if we consider that is the subject of recurrent comparisons with Facebook and Twitter – historically the preferred access routes to the digital environment. But sometimes logic creates myths, and myths are to be broken. What do we mean? Instagram offers entrepreneurs and especially SME`s, outreach opportunities and valuable promotion that could help them break out strongly in the Social Media.

Instagram is a useful and easy-to-use tool for community managers, the general public and, of course, companies.

If you want to know other benefits of this site that emerged in 2010, look at what we present below:

• Less competition: the number of brands on Instagram is lower compared to Facebook and Twitter. This means that many companies wasted a reach of 150 million potential users and that new firms have a large area to fertilise.

• More inspiration: Instagram is highly experiential i.e. users enter and share their daily experiences. This feature is critical for budding businesses, because new business players are more likely to exhibit freshness and innovation – always worthy of shared elements.

• Visibility: publications related to your brand reach everyone; that is, each and every one of the users assigned to the platform will have access to your content without restrictions or algorithmic rankings.

• Mobility and location: Instagram can travel to your phone or wait on the web. Also, it offers a map of photos and the ability to synchronise with services like Foursquare – traits that will help you win your own space in the world.

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