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Reinvigorate your office

After the home, the office is the place where a person spends most of their time. Therefore it is important to consider several aspects that will get the most benefits.

Both the quality of work and productivity of employees can positively impact the business if there are properly enabled collaborative spaces in this so called “second home”. The office should ensure a healthy environment for interaction and idea generation, so it`s well worth looking at methods of achieving this. If you are a new business and do not have an office, we would recommend our virtual office services.

Here, we share five tips that aim to create the ideal office.

• The most important asset of any organisation is its people. Collaborative spaces must adapt to people, not vice versa. Adequate workspaces can develop the potential of people to their fullest.
• While collaborative spaces are designed around current users, the reality is that they must be designed by taking into account the following 5-7 years of life of the organisation and its future users.
• Collaborative spaces are not equal in all companies. They should be proportionate to the nature of its users, enabling an optimal experience to work in. Every organisation needs personalised spaces that suit their culture, characteristics, type of work, and so on.
• Due to the use of mobile technology, today the work can take place anywhere and anytime. Therefore, collaborative spaces must adapt to this trend and be a way for people to generate ideas more quickly.
• You need to have products that enable flexibility, i.e. to allow the work to be conducted by group or individual, in a private or shared form, which is free to move and act as a social approach.
• With all this, brainstorming, presentation, teamwork and meetings can be performed in the same space and achieved through ergonomic thinking in terms of the office layout.

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