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How to Increase Your Online Sales

Developing a successful online business is not an easy goal.

In this article, we present 13 key points to increase sales in an online store and improve performance. These 13 useful tips cover the different aspects that must be taken into account when designing a successful online store.

  1. Title

The title should reflect the content of the web page. This way the user realises immediately if they are interested in the product or service offered.

  1. Teaser

It is important to put the products and the most popular and relevant categories in the foreground. The more visible they are, the more likely that the user considers them the most important information and therefore comes to it more directly.

  1. Simplify the Structure

The basic structure of the website must be configured for the user to navigate through it quickly and easy. It should be very intuitive and communicate clearly through images, indexes, and bullet points. Only if the user shows real interest you should have access to a more in-depth explanation.

Navigation should be set horizontally and highlight the main categories. The golden rule is: the fewer clicks needed = less discouragement to continue visiting the web = lower bounce rate = higher conversion rate.

  1. Less is More Design

In this regard, both the quality of the images and the texts are very important. It is essential to maintain a clear and simple design. Do not overwhelm the user with unnecessary information; less is more! It is essential that the colour, contrast, shading, font, size, and shape are in tune.

  1. Post Customer Reviews and Elements of Trust

We recommend using the website elements of trust as seals, certifications, and customer reviews. You need to convince new customers they can buy safely. For this reason, it is important to place the elements of trust in a visible place.

  1. Benefits and USP

Avoid the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), competitive advantages, and differentiating values. What makes you better than the competition? What makes your store unique? Note the deals; these products help increase your level of visibility and recognition among customers.

  1. Limit Product Availability

Consumers have been always found products or services with limited or poor availability more intriguing when compared to those with easy accessibility. If availability is limited to a specific offer, the potential customer feels the need to buy the product as soon as possible.

  1. Use the Thank You Page to Increase Sales and Cross Selling

It is important to try to cross sell complementary products. Cross selling, or upselling, increases the value of the sale. Promote similar products on the Thank You page displayed after customers have made a purchase.

Customers especially like discount codes, and this is a formula for reinforcing shopping on subsequent visits.


  1. Chat Support

You can increase conversion rates by offering immediate assistance through web chat. Use personal conversations to sell in an active way. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they have the chance to interact with a person. Also, the purchase dropout rate is minimised.


  1. Telephone and Contact Information

Company information and contact details that are clearly visible on the website are vital. Users should see that they can easily contact the online store.


  1. Purchase Facility

The purchase of the product must be quick and easy to avoid abandonment. The user must make the fewest possible clicks to carry out the purchase.

  1. Payment Options and Shipping Cost

Having a wide range of products increases the likelihood of purchase, but it is also important to have various payment options. Many customers buy only when they have made several alternatives to pay. In addition, these payment options must appear highlighted in the web and inform the user clearly about the order, shipping time, and costs. It can be negative if a customer discovers additional charges not clearly disclosed on the website.

  1. Site Optimization for Phones and Tablets

The usability of the online shop must be global, and not only in the process. The online store has to be adapted to any type of device, either through the Responsive Web Design (RWD) or adaptation of the device itself, as you never know how potential buyers will access the store.

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