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Guide to Trading Address Service

When you register your business, you give a trading address and a registered office address to HMRC and Companies House.  The latter is the official one used on documentation such as the public register with Companies House and is where statutory mail is sent.  The trading address is where the business is based – but what if you don’t have a business premises?  This is where Capital Office’s trading address service comes in.


Why use a trading address service?

One of the most common reasons that businesses use a trading address service is that they don’t have a dedicated business premises.  You may be a sole trader who works from home or travels a lot for business, so has no need of a  permanent shop, office or industrial unit.  Or you may run an online business that needs no warehouse storage or office. You may offer freelance services through the internet to various business clients etc.

These all mean you may work independently from home or on the move via WIFI hotspots. However,  your private home address is not a business address and you may not want someone coming to call at your home in relation to your business.

Other businesses may find that they don’t want their location divulged for security reasons and may use the service to protect their business location.  This is often the case if you don’t have a physical shop for customers to visit and instead dispatch or post items to customers at their own address.


How the service works

Our trading address service works in a very simple manner once it is set up and can be in force in as little as two hours.

Our comprehensive service gives you a Central London EC1 address to use as your business address, adding great prestige to the appearance of your business on your documentation and on your website.  Our professional trading address service runs from professional offices in the heart of London, and can accept ‘Signed For’ parcels and even meet clients on your behalf who choose to visit the location.

However, the most important part of the service is the mail forwarding aspect.  When you set up your London based trading address as your business address, much of your business mail will come here.  Our service is discreet and efficient and allows you to use the address in the centre of London without customers being aware that this isn’t your actual base of operation.

Post arrives at our office in your business name and your can either collect it in person, or we can scan it for you and email you the contents. We can also forward your mail to you – there is an unlimited volume of mail and parcels built into the service.

We can forward your mail to anywhere in the world and can also hold parcels for you to collect in person.  The service includes same day scan and post dispatch at cheaper postal rates than Royal Mail.


Service at a glance

We offer three different packages to suit your needs – 3 month, 6 month and 12 month. All include the following benefits:

  • Use of the EC1 address on all business stationary
  • Unlimited mail
  • Option to forward, collect or have the mail scanned and emailed to you
  • Collection frequencies either same day, weekly or monthly
  • No fees to set up
  • No hidden costs

In addition to the cost benefits of taking the longer package, the 12-month package also gives you free use of one of our professional meeting rooms for up to two hours so if you want to meet potential clients or business partners in the capital, you can use our smart, unbranded and fully air-conditioned facilities.  Our meeting rooms come complete with full rapid speed fibre optic Wi-Fi and cabled Internet solutions.

You can sign up for the service online and the form takes around 5 minutes to complete.  Once payment is processed, you can begin to use our address and we will start handling your mail as you stipulate.  We use the latest in mail handling technology alongside friendly and experienced staff to offer the best of modern and traditional trading address services.

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