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Good habits to enhance your day

Good habits to enhance your day

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Blog, Productivity, Tips & Advice, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Whenever the calendar welcomes a new year, it also welcomes a number of purposes and desires that people seek to meet. 2015 is no exception and, as such, will witness a host of changes in routines of individuals who try to suppress some habits and implement new practices in order to achieve their successes.

The business world is no exception to these transformative dynamics; In fact, experts in business management say it is essential that corporate leaders implement actions to renew their vigour and enable them to meet the challenges of a new cycle with the five senses on alert.

Want to know some of these practices and apply them in your daily events? Then check out the following notes:

1. Relax. Stress is present at all times, even when you wake up. If you are enslaved by phone or alarm clock, and the first thing you do is get up to turn it off after a hurry and go for a cup of coffee, then you’re not forcing your body to react in moments without any preparation. That is harmful to your body, so take a few minutes to open your eyes and stretch first thing.

2. Do not waste valuable time with your phone. Upon awakening or at bedtime, the worst thing you can do is to succumb to the temptation of your smartphone. Thinking of your apps or Social Media at that time only will produce additional stress. When you go to sleep, try to leave your phone in another room and, at dawn, worry about breakfast or stretch before interacting with technology. This will allow you to conserve valuable energy to focus on your business projects.

3. Hydrate. In 2015, reduce your coffee consumption and increase water intake. Drinking water is critical to maintaining processes and to rehydrate your body after hours of sleep.

4. Eat breakfast properly. One of the keys to having a successful day in business is food. Breakfast is the basis of a system of healthy living. If you do not eat protein and carbohydrates in the morning, your metabolism will hurt your digestive system and will lack energy to support the work. Therefore occupational health experts recommend you prepare a good breakfast (which mixes all food groups) to start the day.

5. Get active physically. There`s no need to run 10 km when you wake, but it is important to activate your body with a short walk. This practice will enliven your senses and prepare your muscles to move throughout the day.

6. Avoid unexpected stresses in the morning. If you do not want to be in a rush before embarking on a new day, know in advance and organise yourself the night before. Before going to bed, ready your clothes and work belongings to perform the next day`s activities. In this way, you will cut off the road to unnecessary pressure.

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