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Friendships can help with productivity

Friendships can help with productivity

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Friendships are the way forward for productivity

The main objective of business owners is that their businesses are productive and profitable. But what is the formula to achieve this? There are many factors that affect the success of companies, but not all are valued in the same way as in the case of interpersonal relationships, which usually occupy a secondary role compared with topics of financial and commercial.

This is explained by the fact that, in the eyes of many business leaders, the emotional connection between employees is harmful to their roles. However, specialists in management and human factors explain that the friendly ties between employees can improve productivity and provide a sense of purpose.

Data from the pollster Gallup confirm this argument. According to the survey titled, “I have a best friend at work” employees that forged a friendship with colleagues made it beneficial to their job performance.

The survey of 80,000 people found that these kind of links between partners is essential for creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the office, and hence for organisational cohesion.

For many, having friends at work is an incentive to get up every day and meet their daily work routines, and to overcome difficulties associated with them.

It also represents a decisive reason for when employees are considering a job change. So much so that at least half of respondents found in friendship a renewed source of commitment and 25% decided to extend their stay in their jobs.

Statistical work also yielded important information on the characteristics of workers. Specifically, they distinguished three types:

– Lonely Employees: those who make a clear line between work activities and friendship.

– Employees moderately sociable: manage to create emotional bonds with their peers through the months.

– Socially active Employees: within short deadlines establish ties of friendship and affection with colleagues.

What should business owners think of this information? The importance of appealing to emotional intelligence to strengthen relations within their organisations.

Therefore, experts in human resources management, recommend companies to establish rules ensuring the durability of these links and finding a healthy balance between friendship and work.

Some suggestions for achieving this are:

– Set limits. Friendship does not exempt anyone from carrying out their tasks in a timely manner. Project implementation and delivery dates must adhere to the objectives of the company, not affective guidelines.

– Create a culture of punctuality. Friendship should be a work stimulant and not a hindrance. Each member must do their part and make them endure relationships within the organisation.

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