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How to find the right employee

Firstly, not every candidate fits every job. The task of finding the right employee is often a major challenge. The employer should clearly formulate what they are looking for when it comes to employees:

• Is training necessary – yes or no – and if so, what?

• Is work experience necessary or can it be appropriated in operating these too?

• What working conditions prevail – shift work, night work, regular or irregular hours, overtime readiness is necessary, etc.?

• Are special skills needed, such as certain license categories, languages, computer skills, etc.?

These and similar questions should be answered clearly and honestly. However, it should not be too far up the measure of who you accept. Employees who are continually challenged are neither happy and permanently in the company, such as employees who have to struggle daily with excessive demands.

New staff – what to consider:

As an employer, you take a lot of responsibility for your staff. This is particularly the case in the area of insurance and accounting. The contractor has therefore the need to perform some messages:

– Application for an operating point
The application may be made by phone, mail or by completing a form. All necessary information can be found in the Internet.

– Notification of the company at the trade association
Every business owner has to pay contributions for its employees in the legal professional association. Whoever is responsible for the individual depends on the industry. When in doubt, this information can be obtained via the Internet, or the Chamber of Commerce.

– Registration of the employee
At the start of employment, the employee must be notified to the competent institution. Certain sectors will have your staff report on the first day of employment, but most industries have this done over a longer period of time.

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