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Improve your digital content

Digital marketing strategies have evolved over time; companies now are not only looking to sell a product but also fill it with valuable information to its users.
This is what we call content marketing. However, this term does not refer only to notes written, but may also enter infographics, interviews and video tutorials and more.

It also offers an important growth opportunity to develop videos of your web content strategies to promote your brand or company.

The first advantage of integrating video and animation is that today people who are surfing the Internet have somewhat neglected the reading portion and have quickly become a highly visual public.

Added to this, the videos tend to generate human value, allowing the link between brand and user to become more solid and durable.

There is no better tool to tell a story than a video; we have stories, books and magazines, but nothing can be better to capture or document an event than video. This is because the visual things attract more viewers and ultimately make it easier for you to capture the audience.

In addition, there are numerous free tools that let you create and publish videos for free – such as YouTube or Vimeo Vine, so you can spread them through these options and automatically redirect a link to your official site.

What’s more, it is expected that by 2016 videos on the web will be responsible for generating 55% of total Internet traffic, hence the importance of creating and innovating in this area.