Why was my company struck off?

Updated July 2016.

If its your business and you were unaware that your company was struck off, it is normally due to Companies House having some sort of an issue with your company or the way it has been running.

The Company Registrar at Companies House may have had reasonable grounds to believe that your company is no longer actively trading. The most common reason for believing this is the failure to produce and submit an annual return or confirmation statement to companies house. This actually affects many businesses and in most cases the Company owner had simply forgotten to file an annual return or confirmation statement and Companies House then assumes the business is no longer trading.

One troublesome aspect of having your company struck of is if you had money held in the company’s bank account – your business funds may be frozen and even possibly transferred out to the Crown. You can apply to get your money back – the way to do this would be through restoring your company.

What to do next?

If you want to restore the Company you will need to apply for an administrative restoration. To do this you will need to complete the RT01 form from Companies House. It can normally takes up to 12 weeks to fully restore a company that has been struck off, but this can depend on how quickly you have prepared and filed your annual accounts and paid any outstanding fines or fees.

There will also be a fee on top of any fines (where applicable) this is normally in the region of £100.
In most circumstances we are able to help reduce any fines and fees, we are experts in company formation and we would strongly recommend talking to our accountant today.

Why use us?

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