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Is Your Company Ready for Electronic Billing?

Is Your Company Ready for Electronic Billing?

Electronic invoicing is constantly evolving. In Europe, the European Commission requires Member countries of the EU to implement electronic invoicing. The purpose of the Commission is to get in Europe a predominance of electronic invoicing in the very near future, so it is very important to all SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs at the forefront in the opportunities and advantages offered by this technology. Here, we will analyse three of the most critical trends for your business and how to answer them.

1. Crucial Benefits

The benefits of online billing software align with the improvements in the speed of processes and resource efficiency. According to a global study conducted in 2012, 67% of companies believe that e-invoicing could improve operational efficiency, compared with 50% in 2011. Faster billing cycles and cost savings on billing paper are the two main benefits experienced by issuers.

Save time, money and space

Savings in administrative costs and manual labour are clear. It is easier to reduce the annual costs of messaging, mailing and faxing; printer paper and even volume of printing. No more printing costs of bills and handling of paper invoices. Speed and efficiency is the aim and now you can instantly send invoices via the Web. Up to 8 invoices can be processed every second on average.

You manage all the information and only you have access to it, meaning security is tighter. No more typos, you can be sure that all your bills are generated with the appropriate data.
A safe investment for any business is to have a flexible electronic invoicing system, even if there are changes in your system. Adaptable to any operating systems and platforms, there are major companies requesting electronic invoicing that are mandatory for its suppliers.

2. The Electronic Invoicing

At this time, customers have high expectations of those who bill, so excellent customer service over the Internet can be a key factor to converting into real customers loyal followers of the company, which is an aspect that should not be neglected. In this respect it is necessary to adopt the concepts of Web 2.0 and social marketing, which can be done by using cloud-based Software as a Service (Saas).

3. Comprehensive Customer

Knowing the customer is vital in business. This information can be extracted by digitising billing processes and provides a strategic basis for decision-making at the level of business. SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs that issue electronic invoices recognise the power of intelligence they can get about their client to boost ties with them and make them more profitable and beneficial through behaviour-based experiences. This improves loyalty and sales.

For SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs, it is important to adapt to the digital environment and adopt solutions that help the company to be in a position of advantage. Today, there is great interest in the billing software online, as they are now available to companies who could not afford to adopt a proper solution beforehand.

Electronic billing software in the cloud must maintain assurances that it is issuing and filing invoices in accordance with regulations. With billing software in the cloud, organisations experience a lower percentage of discrepancies in receipt of your payments, save on printing, time, space and may have access to an automated and integrated system that helps improve the efficiency of processes. It also allows access to the control of the company from any computer without installing any application on your PC, Mac, Linux, tablet or Smartphone.

Today, SMEs, freelancers, companies like Your Virtual Office London and entrepreneurs can deepen relationships with their customers, improve your cash flow, reduce costs and accelerate sales through the use of programs for billing in the cloud. If you enjoyed our business article you can read more articles in our blog.


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