In this article we explain who can act as a company secretary and how one can be appointed or removed and the typical duties performed by the secretary.

Who can be a Limited Company secretary?

There are not many people who cant act as your company secretary in a private Limited Company. There are a few restrictions; the company secretary must not be an undischarged bankrupt unless the court has given leave. Also the companies auditor is not allow to perform the role of secretary. A partnership, company and of course an individual are allowed to perform the role of company secretary.

What is the process of adding or removing a company secretary?

The adding of an appointment of a company secretary or the removal of a secretary will be governed by the Companies Articles of Association. It would be decided by the board of directors of the company, that they wish to add or remove the appointment. The Companies Act 2006 doesn`t provide details of how the process should be handled.

What are the main duties of a company secretary?

The duties of a company secretary can vary, there are no right or wrong duties however typically the duties are as follows:

1. The company secretary would normally provide the service of Filing annual returns.
2. Preparing and maintaining the statutory records.
3. Arranging meetings for shareholders and directors, maintaining minutes of meetings.
4. Maintaining correct company details with companies house, updating when changes happen.
5. Legal compliance
6. Holding and safe keeping of company documents
7. Maintaining a registered office address

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