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Does my business need public liability insurance

Businesses should consider taking a number of different types of insurance.

What is public liability insurance cover?

This type of insurance is crucial for business owners who own or rent retail space to have. This is because customers, suppliers or other people, including members of the public will frequently visit your premise and it is especially important if you or your employees have direct contact with them while on the job.
If they are injured or if the property is damaged as a result of your business activities, then claims can be made, even if passers-by are affected.

Public liability claims against your business can be made by members of the public as a result of a range of accidents in a variety of places such as:

• Your business premises;
• If you operate your business from your home;
• A customer’s home or their place of work;
• An off-site event or activity organised by your business.

If the insurance for your business is found to be responsible, to which members of the public claim compensation for any damage, injury or death, then you will be covered for certain aspects of your business. These include:

• Loss of earnings;
• Correcting any damaged or broken goods;
• Their medical fees for injuries;
• Your legal costs.

This more than any claim by you or your business will need to pay the total amount payable by the insurer under the policy, and will be limited to a set amount.

Public liability insurance for your employees, such as any death, injury or loss does not cover your business. The premises however, are covered by employers’ liability insurance.

Examples of public liability claims that may arise:

Trips, slips and falls are the most common claims for compensation, but such claims may have to factor in other events too. The public liability claims against your business can be witnessed in events from the following examples:

• A customer in your store trips over a box, which causes injury and they are left lying on the floor;
• Your employee causes injury to a customer by spilling a drink in the café;
• Someone slips on a handrail and falls down some stairs;
• Trips from repairs being carried out, such as exposed piping, carpentry work etc.
• Trip hazards from tiles coming off the floor;
• Tiles from the roof being unstable and causing injury;
• Your electrics are wired incorrectly and they cause a fire in a customer’s home;
• A customer suffers from food poisoning after eating at your restaurant.

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