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Finding the right balance with your work and personal life

One of the main challenges for those working in the business world is to achieve a balance between your daily work demands and your personal life. Management experts say that the perception of many employees in organisations in the country is that the workload prevents them from devoting sufficient time for personal pursuits.

This vision is the result of a reality effectively unbalanced due to unproductive practices or habits that you and your team can change. Would you like to know how? Here we present some reasons why we struggle with that all-important balance:

– Lack of planning. One of the most common mistakes business leaders and workers do is to leave everything to chance. Planning is the best way to resolve overdue office time. The recommendation is that you design a weekly calendar, where you include the most important delivery dates and organise your priorities.

– Lack of definition of timetables. If you run daily activities that do not conform to specific times, the probability of wasting time is multiplied. Therefore, it is suggested that you assign specific periods of your work and limit the personal use of the time to share personal information.

– Do not know how to delegate. Trying to do everything on your own is virtually impossible to run a business. You need to trust your team and this goal is only possible through communication and training. Tell your employees what you are looking for in them and help them develop the skills they need to perform their tasks. Have faith in their potential and concentrate on the aspects that really require your expertise.

– When meetings with your colleagues lose their focus and extend for over an hour – this leads to a waste in time. Never lose sight of the reason for your meetings to get the most out of your day.

– Lack of rest. Relaxing and being away from your phone and other distractions is critical to renew your energy and get ready for the physical and intellectual daily demands. Without rest, your performance of you and your colleagues will be lower than the productive activities of your company.

When you run a business it is vitally important that you ensure your personal life does not get caught up with the demands of running and working for a new company.

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