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Affordable ways of marketing with events

Organising events can be a great way for smaller companies to take an interest in them and get people talking about their products and services.
As such, here are some ways to market effectively, that will not blow your budget:

• Get a Partner

Venue costs can be prohibitive, especially if you use a premium locale in London (e.g., Soho, if your company is based on design). So having a partner on board that has available office space is a great way to eliminate this particular headache and sidestep long-term contracts, leaving you to pay the bill if things do not go as expected.

• Meeting Room

There are many companies that now offer high quality meeting rooms at this type of event, and at prices that most SMEs can afford. Many of this type of place are actually based in London, which allows you to use the capital city, without using up all your capital.

• Invite influential speakers

There are a few people who meet you for the opportunity to attend a business event as a speaker or VIP, so make a list of people that you think will help generate attention. Remember to include press contacts between them. You will not get everyone on the list, but make sure to arouse sufficient interest amongst influential people.

• Go Online

If you want your event to be a success, you need to promote it, which can make social media an invaluable tool. Be sure to put the word out on social networking sites, newsletters and a website to generate interest.