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How to motivate and prevent brain drain in your company

Workers today are constantly looking for new challenges and professional growth, a situation that generates a large percentage of turnover in companies and therefore the loss of talent within them.

To avoid this situation, the HR manager must locate those people who always confer an added value to their work and are committed to the company, to reward them.
Such incentives do not always have to be economic, as companies are not always in sound financial times; however, a company can implement the following activities to motivate and retain staff:

• Flexible work schedules: What employee would not want a better balance between work and personal life? Today, this desire is one of the most popular. Allowing employees to work one day a week from home can be very motivating.

• Professional Development Programs: This is when a worker receives an evolution in their professional growth activities and reaffirms their commitment to the company. Offering relevant training to update their knowledge is a great option.

• Time to engage in projects of interest: Allowing employees to occupy 20% of their working time on projects that appeal to them and have nothing to do with their regular duties. Various innovative products have emerged from this line of working.

• Entertainment programs: An environment that allows distraction from the stress and workload encourages creativity and a sense of wellbeing. Therefore, recreation rooms are a great ally for employees.

• Rest days: These are not the same as annual leave to which the employee is entitled by law. A day off as a reward for a great result or effort is healthy and well received by workers.

• Activities outside the office. In addition to promoting integration, leaving the usual place of work refreshes the working environment. It will be an action that will stay long in the minds of people and can differentiate your company from others.

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