6000 jobs set to be cut from Microsoft UK arm.

Microsoft prepares to cull its largest number of employees since it began trading.

The biggest Job Cull since 2009 is about to go under at Microsoft UK. This will be the biggest job cut in Microsoft history with over 6000 people to loose their role at the company. The new chief executive Satya Nadella is expected to make some radical changes and streamline the UK arm of Microsoft.

Cuts are going to be across the board which may include the newly acquired Nokia division as well as marketing and engineering departments, according to news agency Bloomberg.

Microsoft currently employs around 127,000 staff worldwide and has seen a rapid increase in the staff they employ since taking over Nokia. It is suggested that the UK will be one of the biggest losers.

The new chief executive Satya Nadella has stated that he tends to “flatten the organisation” and that he is aiming to develop a leaner more efficient model to help reduce overheads but maintain high production.

Microsoft culled jobs in 2009 with over 5800 role were lost.

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