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6 Basic Tools for an SME

Forming a business is available to almost everyone today, as new technologies allow us to start at a fraction of the cost of traditional businesses. Of course, it all depends on the type of business you are going to want to form, so here are summarised six basic tools for those thinking of beginning a journey into the business arena.

1. A Smartphone

Because the Internet is going to be one of your main tools, you’d better have a smartphone. No need to have the latest iPhone or Samsung, but choose a device that allows you to at least access basic services like Skype (to make free phone calls), Whatsapp and of course email.

2. A good internet connection

Obviously, you’ll need to have an Internet connection. You could opt for a 4G solution, but many data plans are usually quite expensive, so you will an ADSL line (or cable).

3. A good laptop

It`s better to have a laptop than a desktop, mainly because you’ll need to move from one side to the other, and if you want to limit investment, it is better to have only one device.

4. Business Cards

Some say they belong to the past, but they`re still very practical in many cases, especially in those moments when you meet many people in a short time, such as conferences, seminars, fairs and other events of this type. Also, if you always have a card available, you can communicate about your project even if you had not anticipated it, and always with a professional image.

5. A point to meet with customers or suppliers

Starting a business from home is certainly one of the easiest ways to start. However, sometimes you need another place to meet with clients. You can use various tricks, but it is important to have it clear before, because you never know when you’ll have to. There are places that rent offices for days, or you can opt for a quiet coffee shop.

6. A web or blog

Having a website with your own domain will cost you very little. With the tools available, and without knowing anything about computers, you can make a rather professional page in a few minutes. Another option is to have your own blog, where you can demonstrate your expertise in the field you’re trying.