5 tips for conducting a good interview

1. Plan the interview

Having a plan is vital, create a structure to the interview, having an opening, middle and end is important for yourself and the candidate. This will help the conversation flow and for the candidate to best respond to questions in a natural fashion. If there is more than one person conducting the interview make sure you both understand the structure and who is asking what questions.

2. know your candidate

Make sure you prepare and read the candidates CV and cover letter. Get to know their name and location along with key information such as past roles, skills and any other points that may stick out from the CV. Knowing the candidate may then give rise to other questions which you can prepare before the interview takes place.

3. Appearances are important

Make sure you look your best when you conduct your interviews, no late nights before the day and having your best outfit ready will give your candidate a very good impression of your company. Remember the candidate may have other options and you are not just choosing the candidate, they are choosing you, which many people overlook until the job offer is overlooked. Marinating eye contact, smiling at appropriate places during the interview, being polite and most importantly listening to what they have to say. It sounds so simple, but one or more of these are often overlooked by interviewees.

4. Take notes

This is one of the most overlooked parts, taking a notepad in the interview can really help you remember key parts of the conversation when reviewing the day`s candidates. If you have lots of candidates make sure your notes are clear and well structured. Taking notes on the conversation and answers the candidates give to your structured questions are vital.

5. Be quick offering the role

Many employers again overlook this, however good candidates do not stay on the market long. A candidate may often have a block of interviews lined up and the very best may get multiple offers. If you find the candidate that is the right one for the position it is best to offer them the role with a few days as every day that passes increases the chance that they will not accept the offer due to external factors.

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